Saturday, June 03, 2006

Classic Katamari Damashii Commercial

Yes I know this is old.

But I loved it then. Now, I love it all over again. On TV. In Japan.

Famous People Die, Seiko Watches Keep Working

This is how you prove you're the best. By pointing out the death of famous rock stars. Then implying that your watch has outlasted them all. On TV. In Japan.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Best of the Week! - A New Thing


As it's now Friday, I'm going to start posting a set of links that narrows down what I view as some of the best stuff that I've posted over the course of the week.

Here goes:

Zuikken English! My most favorite new Japanese show. More here if you can stand it.
Best Junket Ever. Tom Cruise and Steve Spielberg feel the wrath of TV in Japan.
Weighing Breasts. This is what Japanese TV reporters do when confronted with massive fake boobies.
Japanese TV hosts translate lyrics of American Rock bands. Hilarity ensues.
Hypnotic Caterpillars. Seriously screwed up commercial from Japan.

I'll continue posting over the weekend so keep an eye out.

TV in Japan never sleeps. Seriously.

Losing Your Hair? Try Japanese Propecia for Excellent Arm Hair Growth

This is how you sell hair repair products. With dancing, singing and a final shot of a girl with a major follicle problem. On TV. In Japan.

Two Caterpillars Fight for Tea Leaves With Tea Leaf Picker

This is how you sell green tea. With a touching father-son bonding tale about two caterpillars. Who try to hypnotize a tea farmer out of his crop. On TV. In Japan.

Big thanks to TeleKawaru for the tip!

Lego Champion: The TV Show

These are people who know legos. Interviewed by a man with a lego microphone. In a beret. On TV. In Japan.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

You Tube Hacked?

Yes, it looks like YouTube has been knocked off line somehow. Or maybe it's just a real funny 404.

However, if you are coming here you will not see many videos right now. I'll keep an eye on if for the next bit.

Hopefully, it'll be back up real soon. Please God. Please.

UPDATE: It's back. I can now sleep safely.

Japanese School Girl Pop-Locks to the Polysics

This is what they're teaching in Japanese schools. Here we know it as 'how to get down'. On TV. In Japan.

Absurd Suntory Commercial

This is how you sell liquor. With a bunch of circus performers. In the desert. And a dwarf in drag wearing an angel costume. On TV. In Japan.

The Ultimate Cheesy Animal Movie Trailer

This is a movie trailer. About the touching relationship between a fox and a boy. And then the fox dies. In the trailer. Ruining any sort of suprise ending whatsoever. On TV. In Japan.

Girls Go Crazy for Ramen

This is a noodle shop. Full of flustered young ladies. And a chef with buttons for eyes. On TV. In Japan.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

More From Our Friends at Soramimi Hour - Linkin Park & Sum 41

I'll post more about this show tomorrow but this clip is going to blow up big.

It's from a show called Soramimi Hour which (I think) is about misunderstanding the lyrics of songs and then creating bad videos that go along with those misunderstandings. I've posted a few of these already but this is by far the best one I've seen yet.

Of course, I could be absolutely wrong on the whole misunderstanding thing. But just that guy in glasses saying 'Shut up when I'm talking to you' is worth the click.

Speaking of that guy, isn't he a big time host of other shows in Japan?

Fill me in as I'm going to try to do a more detailed write up tomorrow.

Dominatrix Tries to Make Heart Rates Jump on Game Show

This is what they call a bonus round. Where in order to survive, you must keep your cool. While being assulted live on national television by a dominatrix. On TV. In Japan.

Note: This clip could be considered by some to be NSFW. View with slight caution.

Really, it's not any worse that the cat drinking from human breasts.

Very Funny Rahmens' Sketch of American Classroom Dynamics

This is an interpretation of our classrooms. With guns, flags and middle fingers. And lots and lots of swearing. On TV. In Japan.

Shot-For-Shot Recreation of Martial Arts Film - Now With More Laughing Heads!

This is how you re-create artistic fight scenes. With two, count them, two picture-in-picture windows. And bad wigs. On TV. In Japan.

Athletic Girls Run Gigantic Obstacle Course

These are the Olympic trials. Except instead of medals you get to push a red button. And sometimes cry. On TV. In Japan.

Thanks to Joshua who sends stuff to his ill co-worker for his blog.

Juicy! Juicy!

This is how you sell candy. By exceeding your daily required intake of moist innuendo by 200%. On TV. In Japan.

Superhero Parody With Extremely Weak Main Character

This is what happens when a superhero can't fly. Or has superspeed. And has to use a motorcycle to catch the bad guys. Which, unfortunately, is too heavy for him to move. On TV. In Japan.

Armpits - An In-Depth Report on One of Japan's Most Pressing Issues

This is how you determine things about women's armpits. By timing how fast they can be shaved. On TV. In Japan.

BTW, this is entirely safe for work. I'm sure there are some videos like this that might not be, but this one is. I think.

Japanese Band 'The Yellow Monkey' Get Interviewed While Doing Weird Things

This is how you interview a famous band. By putting pedometers on their extremities. And then making them shake. Then, you hold you breath. On TV. In Japan.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Weird Game Show Where People in Berets Draw Pictures of Crotches

This is Match Game. Except instead of completing the phrase, you draw pictures. Mostly of anime-styled crotches. All while wearing berets. On TV. In Japan.

Hard Gay Helps Solve Social Problems

This is how you help solve some of society's most pressing issues. With leather hot pants, fervid air humping and a smile. On TV. In Japan.

With translation from the Bakakage Forum peeps, your source for all things Hard Gay.

1960s Japanese Commercial for a Refrigerator

This is how you used to sell refrigerators. With radios included. And amorous Jerry Lewis-inspired goofball salesmen. On TV. In Japan.

Large Breasted Western Woman Shocks Female Japanese Reporter

This is how you do an expose on bust sizes. By weighing the breasts. And seeing, from a first-person perspective, exactly how hard it is to see your feet. On TV. In Japan.

Hello! Morning Eats Their Way Through The World Cup

This is how you build excitement for a soccer tournament. With cute girls. Eating the food of the World Cup countries. Oh, and featuring furries with tamborines for extra emphasis. On TV. In Japan.

This time with subtitles!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Even More Zuiiken - This Time We Hear From the Incredible Host

More Zuiiken! This time it's Zuiiken Japanese instead of Zuiiken English but we get our first look at the incredibly dynamic American host. And Westerners in tight shorts reciting Japanese phrases. On TV. In Japan.

Thanks again to Skillful Abbot for posting these.

Tom Cruise And Steve Speilberg Meet a Singing Samurai

This is a movie junket for War of the Worlds. With a samurai. In a glittering robe Liberace would be jealous of. Singing Karaoke. To Tom Cruise and Steven Speilberg. On TV. In Japan.

The Weird and Wonderful World of Dating Shows in Japan

This is a first date. With an overenthusastic first date-ee. Who then must humble himself. And get whipped. In front of friends. On TV. In Japan.

Pocky Makes It All Okay

This is a tragic love story. Then Pocky arrives. And, quickly following, the zest of life. On TV. In Japan.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Fastest Obsession Ever - Zuiikin' English

Okay, it's official. I am now totally obsessed with Zuiikin' English, the amazing Japanese show that helps you learn English through a variety of dance moves and (I think) badly reenacted scenes from Western movies.

For example, check this amazing Terminator scene:

Here's the information that I have gleaned so far (mostly from this Google translation of the show's home page):

1. I believe the show originally aired in 1992 but it is currently airing on Fuji TV in Japan. I am not sure if the episodes airing now are re-airs or new content.

2. I think the basic idea is that by adding muscular repetition to language learning that it will make the words/phrases sink in easier.

3. The posted clips that feature the girls dancing are from the end of the program where the entire lesson is resung/redanced to help the viewer keep the words/movements at top of mind. I'm guessing that the Terminator clip from above is part of the main show.

3. It looks like it was created to be mostly entertainment. But I could be wrong. It certainly achieves that goal in spades.

Major thanks go to YouTube user SkillfulAbbot for uploading these in the first place.

Sir Abbot, please grace us with more.

TViJ readers, please help me fill in the gaps on the info above.

For now, I leave you with the one remaining clip. It's another set of the girls wrapping things up, this time focusing on how to make sure you stand up for your rights in a relationship. Truly awesome.

UPDATE: SkillfulAbbot has made contact. Here's his personal website. He just grabbed another episode so hopefully more will go up soon. Oh and 'Zuiiken' means muscle. Which pretty much makes sense. I think.

Zuiikin' English - Aerobics + English Training

This is how you learn foreign languages. Through repetition. And super-tight aerobics moves. On TV. In Japan.

BONUS FEATURE! Here's the opening sequence for this amazing show:

The Balloon Popping Olympics

This is the 100-meter hurdles. With balloons instead of hurdles. On TV. In Japan.

Cute Cartoon About Nuclear Holocaust

This is the end of the world. With exceptionally catchy music. And a panda-shaped mushroom cloud. On TV. In Japan.

Welcome Yahoo! Friends

My traffic was jumping a bit this morning and I couldn't figure out why.

Yes, I know Nightscoop is awesome but it wasn't that awesome.

It turns out Yahoo! has made TViJ the pick of the day!

Therefore, for our new visitors, be sure to peruse the entire site. There's lots and lots of videos down below and in our specialized TViJ archives.

Also, be sure to join the TViJ MySpace Friends list. We share our love daily.

With that, I leave you with one of my favorite clips yet. Watch it and you will be entertained.

For more info on this clip, go here. Then, go everywhere else.

And again, thanks for visiting!

Japan's Rubik's Cube Master

This is how you waste away a life. By mastering the Rubik's cube. And then discussing it with fluffy-haired variety show hosts. On TV. In Japn.

Male-Female Child-Adult Role Reversal In Commercial.

This is how you sell biscuts. With a heaping tablespoon of Freud. On TV. In Japan.

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