Thursday, June 01, 2006

You Tube Hacked?

Yes, it looks like YouTube has been knocked off line somehow. Or maybe it's just a real funny 404.

However, if you are coming here you will not see many videos right now. I'll keep an eye on if for the next bit.

Hopefully, it'll be back up real soon. Please God. Please.

UPDATE: It's back. I can now sleep safely.

They posted that they were going down for maintenance eariler. I don't know how long it's for though.
They Do Usually Go Down For Maintenance Every So Often, But Not This Bad..

that reminds me, The Bay Bridge Will Be Closed This Weekend And For A Month.. ack..
-applause- It's Back..
Looks Like They Changed It A Little, Tiny Bit..
Good Night..
Its like a tiny part of the Internet died inside.
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