Saturday, May 27, 2006

Nightscoop - My New Favorite Series on Japanese TV

The last few clips I've posted, including the one below, are from a show called Tantei Night Scoop (Detective Knight News). Which to me seems a lot like Fear Factor without any sort of prizes involved.

Wikipedia is of no help on this one so please, if you have info, drop it.

Now, check out this amazing clip where a woman who is deathly afraid of roaches is brought to a roach farm. And forced to put on a Roach suit. Then brought into a room full of what must be 100,000 of the buggers.

Of course, she is scarred for life.

Luckily, just a little later, the man with the sweater tied around his neck, takes her and her husband to witness an albino roach shedding it's normal roach skin.

Or there's this clip, which, as far as I can tell, is about how to open a giant sake bottle with the least amount of spill. Using a giant funnel. After, of course, covering the entire room in plastic.

All in a days work. On TV. In Japan.

The Fridge of Doom or What Happens When You're Forced to Look in the Heart of Darkness

This is a refridgerator. That has been left, lonely and cold, by a family for ten long months. Now, the family is back. And the fridge is angry. Angry with moldy food. That he forces them to stare at. On TV. In Japan.

Don't Forget Your Lunch - It'll Change While You're Gone

This is what happens when you forget your lunch. For a year. And then, instead of throwing it away, you decide to open it. On TV. In Japan.

Maniacal Old Man Does Coke + Mentos Experiment

This is Mr. Rodgers. With an edge. And extreme excitement. On TV. In Japan.

Japanese Saturday Night Fever

This is Andy Kaufman. Mixed with John Travolta. On TV. In Japan.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Cannibal Corpse Pt. 2 - The Second Coming

This is another visit to Death Metal land. Where lyrics fly like little birds. Or the Angel of Death. On TV. In Japan.

TV in Japan Motivational Poster

Thanks to TViJ reader Don for this awesome B-day present:

Use it with discretion. It may cause chaffing.

Come My Way, Terror

This is the old and the new generation. Laughing. Learning. Reciting death metal chants. On TV. In Japan.

Best Gift Ever!

As you probably don't know, today is my birthday.

And while I greatly appreciate all of the MySpace greetings and animated gifs, I believe I have a winner in terms of TV in Japan-related gifts.

The incredible Luis Hurtado (the animator I work with in my real-life gig as TV producer) had gifted upon me this most awesome TViJ logo.

Actually, he gave me two. One of which will become part of the site. And perhaps other things as well. The other of which will be cast into the nothingness forever.

Which one will win? The suspense is killing me.

Go to Luis' MySpace page for more Luis-related info. Ladies, he's all man.

Claymation Creations Kill Their Maker

These are claymation creatures. With a bone to pick. And clay bullets which can pierce a human skull. On TV. In Japan.

Thinking About Switching To TypePad Pro

So I'm thinking of switching over to a TypePad Pro account for TViJ as there's a ton of features that I'd love to have but Blogger doesn't do. Or at least not that I can figure out.

What do you guys think? Recommend the switch?

Test Driving a Mini-Horse Machine

This is not at all what they think it is. On TV. In Japan.

You Eat Spicier Than Me - The TV Show

This is how you test your mettle. With spicy food. And a group of people laughing at you. Featuring awesome sound effects. On TV. In Japan.

Matthew's Best Dance Party

This is world-famous host Matthew. Learning a dance. Which features a hand gesture near the crotch. And then morphs into something else entirely. On TV. In Japan.

Big ups to Sebastian for the link!

Music Video Featuring Train Conductors + Synths

This a new-wave synth band. Singing about the train. Or, more to the point, singing the exact things you hear on the train. On TV. In Japan.

One Panda's Journey

This is how Pandas live. From the zoo to the club. From the club to the cloud fairy princess. All the while, rocking a Creative Zen. On TV. In Japan.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Men Dressed As Women Go To Lunch

This is a lunch break. With one woman and three men dressed as women. One of whom seems to be able to birth eggs through his/her mouth. And another one who can't seem to stop getting run over by cars made of paper. On TV. In Japan.

Motorcycle Roundabout Gone Wrong

This is a biker gang. On a merry-go-round. Made of bikes. On TV. In Japan.

Anyone know what this is all about?

Someone out there has got to know where this is from.

I found it here. It's a Japanese blog of some sort.

Of course, I have no idea whatsoever what it says. Or what it links to.

But I need this clip. I need it bad.

Hardcore Scrubbing in a Bathhouse

This is a high end spa treatment. Performed by four cute girls. Who, when prompted, certainly know how to deliver one hell of a scrubbing. On TV. In Japan.

Amazing Mechaike Rap About Prime Minister Koizumi

This is a rap video. About the Prime Minister. That takes place inside a space ship. Performed by a topless, balding man in black tights. Surrounded by an army of Salarypeople. On TV. In Japan.

Phantom of the Opera Meets Dance Party Japan

This is a dancing showcase. With the Phantom of the Opera pop-locking. And flashing the audience the paper plate he has on his crotch. On TV. In Japan.

A Visit to the Magical Land of Toilet Paper

This is a fairy tale. With a sleeping princess. Who awakes to dancing toilet paper. Some of which has been used and wadded up. On TV. In Japan.

Hello! Morning Goes Furry-Style in Penguin Suits

These are cute morning-show hosts. In penguin suits. On TV. In Japan.

Via Crazy Japan! More video links there with Spanish subtitles. If you get down with that sort of thing.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Cat Drinks from Human Breast

Yes, this is what it says above. Truthfully.

The simple fact that this clip was on some sort of news program in Japan says something very distinct about Japanese TV. What exactly that is, I'm not sure.

There are people laughing in the background so I'm assuming this was some sort of lighthearted end-of-the-day news story. A filler if you will.

Obviously, not exactly safe for work. Not really safe in general.

UPDATE: According to a poster and the mighty BB, it's a spoof. I don't care. It's still damn funny.

Welcome to the Church of Sesame

This is how you sell dressing. With thousands of sesame seeds. Hypnotically dancing. Round and round. And round. On TV. In Japan.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Funky Egg - It's Good!

This is more selling of pizza. This time with eggs. Funkier eggs than you could ever imagine. On TV. In Japan.

Punish Bread Dough Through Massive Beatings

This is how you make bread. By delivering unto it shots of furious anger. With mallets a strong hand. On TV. In Japan.

Dizzy Bowling With Girls In Cat Ears

This is how you bowl. With a bunch of girls. In maid outfits and cat ears. On TV. In Japan.

UPDATE: Be sure to get through the bowling. It ends well.

Kleenex Tissue Commercial With Urban Legend Attached

This is how you sell Kleenex. With little kids in ogre paint. And the rumor, allegedly, that everyone involved in the commercial dies. On TV. In Japan.

Throroughly awesome explaination of the Urban Legend at TViJ reader Derek Bassett's blog.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Ice Stick That Hurts Skin

This is how you sell pain sticks. On TV. In Japan.

Otaku in USA - Part 2

Coal has posted the second part of Otaku in USA with excellent translations.

Comparing these guys to the clip that I just posted below, it definitely highlights the differences between how the two cultures define the role of Otaku.

This clip also highlights the extreme nerdiness that really goes into any obsession. I would imagine that the Japanese would find some of our pre-game football rituals to be as amazing and as strange as the visitor's obsession with their culture.

Here's the clip but make sure to go to Coal's site for more info.

Also, thanks to Rick for making the videos available.

Deeply Disturbing Look into the World of Japanese Otaku

As I learn more and more about the whole Otaku (in Japan) phenomenon, I think that I'm starting to get a better feel for the strange world in which these people live.

Essentially, they are creating lives for themselves separate of Japanese society. It seems like a lot of these lives often involve odd anti-social behaviors.

Like, for instance, living with and dressing a bunch of mannequins.

If any one out there wants (Coal, I'm looking at you) wants to translate this, I imagine there's a lot of info being conveyed.

As it is, this is still a fascinating look into another country's subculture.

UPDATE: We have a translation! Thanks to Jennifer Sasahara for the following:

"This is Masa-san (Age 42), doll-er history 1 year."
"Upon being guided into the room, we find four love dolls."

M: "This is the eldest sister, Mayu. She's responsible and she cares
for her sisters. Next is Alice. I think she's a little dependent and
shy. Next is Ai. She's the youngest sister and the most dependent. The
person sitting on the sofa is my wife, Yui. She's very reliable."

"For Masa-san, Yui-san is the ideal woman. They were happily married
in June of last year."

Staff: "The hands and such are indeed soft, aren't they?"
M: "Yes, there is a softness to them."
Staff: "So the breasts are also..."
M: "Hold on! Stop that please!"

"When the staff touched the breast, Masa-san got really mad."

M: "Because upon meeting a person's wife, you don't go touching her
breasts, do you?"

"He is totally in love. How can one become like Masa-san?"


Up until now, he has purchased about 60 outfits for the dolls.
Combined with underwear etc, the total comes to about 150,000 yen.
Also, as the family grew larger, Masa-san moved from a 6 tatami
apartment to a 15,000,000 yen mansion.

"For loved one, don't fret over a few expenses."


M: "A camisole and tshirt set <3"

"Anniversaries are important times for women. Especially make sure to
celebrate birthdays."


"To prevent lulls in the relationship, the most important thing to do
is skinship."

M: "Let's swap bras. Let's change, ok?"

No Reaction Drama + Falling Pans

This is serious drama. Performed while kitchenware falls from the sky. With no reaction whatsoever. On TV. In Japan.

Thanks to the always awesome Screenhead for digging up the clip.

Man Impersonates Winnie The Pooh - Live and in Full Effect

This is Winnie the Pooh. Live on stage. With a goatee. On TV. In Japan.

Japanese Teen Drama to Rival the WB

This is the O.C. With an extra helping of melodrama. Which, in essense, makes a melodrama souffle. On TV. In Japan.

Cute Japanese Quartet Takes On Mission Impossible Theme Song

This is a recital. That will destroy itself in thirty seconds. On TV. In Japan.

Via Crazy Japan!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Maybe the Best TV in Japan Clip Ever. Seriously.

Okay, I may have found something akin to the holy grail.

At first glance, this looks something like the Otaku from USA video. A Japanese TV show follows a very bearded Canadian (think Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds) to his house some where in the frozen tundra.

Then you realize that's entirely wrong. That there's something kind of off about this guy. Then he postitions the ladder above the frozen lake in his back yard. Then he climbs that ladder.

Then he yells "Here we go!" Bad things happen. I won't ruin it.

Yet, thanks to the magic of Japanese TV (the picture-in-picture, the on screen graphics, the amazing voice-overs) what might've ended up in the rejects bin at America's Funniest Videos becomes art.

Truly extrodinary. Thank you Dr. Nitrous for uploading it. You have changed my life.

Enough talk. HERE WE GO!!!

Werid Japanese Muppet Gachapin Goes A Shootin'

This is the rarest of momenents. Where traditional art meets children's entertainment. And a horse who really doesn't want any part of any of this. On TV. In Japan.

TV in Japan - The Blogroll

I've started it. It's down below on the right.

If anyone's not represented, drop me a line.

Just took a long trip through Technorativille and stopped around the beginning of May.

Thanks for the link love everyone.

Now, back to the saltmine.

Guy Specializes in Making Train Sounds

This is Michael Winslow. With a speciality degree in Japanese trains. And wearing a smashing hat. On TV. In Japan.

Even More Awesome Classic Spider-Man

This is Japanese Spider-Man. Again, controlling a robot. This time, shooting headbands at crappy looking rock creatures! On TV. In Japan.

Japanese Comedy Group Cocorico Take On Karaoke Stereotypes

Okay, so finally we've got a clip which explains how Japanese people feel about Japanese Oktaku.

Yes, it's a comedy bit and yes they are Otaku sterotypes, but the look on the waitress' face is undeniable. These are the cockroaches of Japanese society.

But, man, can they sing.

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