Sunday, May 21, 2006

Maybe the Best TV in Japan Clip Ever. Seriously.

Okay, I may have found something akin to the holy grail.

At first glance, this looks something like the Otaku from USA video. A Japanese TV show follows a very bearded Canadian (think Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds) to his house some where in the frozen tundra.

Then you realize that's entirely wrong. That there's something kind of off about this guy. Then he postitions the ladder above the frozen lake in his back yard. Then he climbs that ladder.

Then he yells "Here we go!" Bad things happen. I won't ruin it.

Yet, thanks to the magic of Japanese TV (the picture-in-picture, the on screen graphics, the amazing voice-overs) what might've ended up in the rejects bin at America's Funniest Videos becomes art.

Truly extrodinary. Thank you Dr. Nitrous for uploading it. You have changed my life.

Enough talk. HERE WE GO!!!

It's nice to know I'm not the only one who laughs at stupid people, even when it seems really inappropriate to do so.
Strangely enough, the version of "In the Mood" playing at the start is from "Dig that Crazy Christmas" by the Brian Setzer Orchestra, which weirdly came out here in Japan before the United States.

No idea why I felt moved to post this, but hey, why not.
That isn't even remotely funny. Yes, he's stupid, but someone possibly being seriously hurt is just not funny even if it is their own fault.
I've seen this clip on U.S. TV -- it's nothing new, really, if you watch those "caught on camera" shows. Spike TV (previous TNN) shows the damn things all the time.
This video is about ten years old. I think the dude's name is Captain Video or something -- I Googled it but can't confirm -- and he was on public access cable in Brampton, Ontario, about an hour's drive from Toronto.

He actually submitted a bunch of these videos to try to get a series on the Canadian Comedy Network -- I guess nobody was willing to insure him ;-)
I had the opportunity to see Bob Saget a little while ago and appropriately enough this was actually an America's Funniest reject.
What does he say right after "Here we go!!!"? Something like "Into the pool tank"?
This is *far* from the funniest clip from Japan. This is just a "funniest home videos" video, which is typically not funny at all. It's not even Japanese.

Your best clips are typically the ones that are presented seriously, or at least partially seriously, and show an insight into Japanese life and culture.
This clip is funny only if you understand Japanese. Otherwise, the clip by itself seems pretty generic to me. The commentary, however, is classic.
To me, the funny part of the clip isn't the AFV side of it. It's the Japanese take on the whole thing.

Even w/o an understanding of the Japanese, the presentation truly sets it apart for me.

However, I agree to disagree.
Apologies, Gavin.

The funny just didn't find me in that one. Although there were some mildly amusing parts, as touched on, like how they zero in on "HERE WE GO".
those damn canadians. maybe it's the cold. i think it freezes parts of their brains.
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