Saturday, June 17, 2006

Classic 70s Japanese Battery Commercial

This is the early version of the Energizer Bunny. Which suprisingly included an Energizer human being. Who, unlike the bunny, doesn't keep going. On TV. In Japan.

Blackboard Manga - Not TV but Awesome Nonetheless

I had to post about this. I'm sorry that it's not a TV clip.

Manga artist/writer Inoue Takehiko of Slam Dunk drew this series of illustrations on a blackboard in a Japanese school.

I'm really not a manga fan but, really, this is kind of amazing.

We shall now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Salarymen Exercise in Chairs - The New Fitness

This is how you exercise at work. With herky-jerky motions. And with a rainbow as a backdrop. On TV. In Japan.

More Monkeys Hosting Late Night Talk Shows

This is an extended clip of the monkey hosting the talk show. Minus the molestation. Plus, another monkey. Who attempts a molestation of her own. On TV. In Japan.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Cute Girl Gets Athlete's Foot

This is how you sell foot powder. With cute girls. Who can't stand to look at their feet. Even though the little virus is just so precious. On TV. In Japan.

Josh knows. What's on TV. In Japan.

Karakuri Funniest English: Where One Crazy Westerner Solicits Mistranslations

This is how you teach English. Through verbal slight-of-hand. And awesome miscommunication. On TV. In Japan.

First: "Please tell me your 'ya cha ta'!

Then: "Please tell me your 'saikin oo nandesu'!

Thanks to Pawel Szymczykowski for the clips!

NOTE: Pawel uploaded these clips to YouTube himself from old video tapes he made himself in Japan. If you have old video tapes, please do the same.

People like Pawel are why YouTube rocks so much. If you don't have the time (or the desire) to upload them, send them to me! Seriously. I'll even pay shipping for some cool stuff.

Drop me an email if you've got something cool!

TV in Japan: Best of the Week! June 9 -16

Here they are. Bask in their glory.

The TV in Japan picks of the week!

The God Tongue - Nerds Can't Resist Kisses Forever
Gothic Lotitas - Because female Japanese jocks needed someone to beat up.
Four Square + Ping Pong = Awesome - Did I mention everyone's wearing radiation suits?
Ramen Noodle Superhero - He fights crime with soy sauce guns and projectile vegtables.
Another Zuiiken English Moment - Because learning English should always be this much fun.

Go forth and Japanify.

As always, thanks for reading/watching!

Surprise English Lessons - That Sucks!

This is how you teach English. Without preparation. And really without any sense of reason whatsoever. On TV. In Japan.

Thanks to Josh for this!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Even More Awesome Giant Robot 70s Japanese TV

These are the fathers of the Power Rangers. With similiar foes. And the same crappy costumes. On TV. In Japan.

Dance You Fool, Dance - In Black Pants.

This is a former TV in Japan star. With black tights. Dancing live. On TV. In Japan.

Zuikken English Back in the House - All Crazy All the Time

Mr. Skillful Abbot has graced us with another amazing round of these treasured articfacts.

Are you ready for serious Japanese lessons mixed with aerobics for German men? Then look below (purest hilarity starts at :56 seconds in):

Here, a star of Zuiiken English reads from a collection of J-Pop songs with soft focus and soothing sound effects.

And finally, some context for one of the original Zuikken Enlgish clips. There's a reason why the Zuiiken Girls are asking to 'take your hands off me' and it involves men with hankerchiefs tied to their heads.

Mystery solved. TV in Japan. It's kind of like Lost. Without Walt.

Thanks again to the Skillful Abbot for these finds!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Talking Cats = Television Gold in any Country

This is how you sell cat food. By employing Toonces-esque technology. On TV. In Japan.

Weird Sparkling Water Ads Features Awesome Dancing

This is how you construct an ad campaign. With a naked guy wearing a tiger mask. Who finishes with a refreshing 'o' face. On TV. In Japan.

Or then there's this guy. Who has something wrong with his crotch. On TV. In Japan.

Way more of these here. If you want them. And I know you do.

Really Terrible Ways to Wake Up On Japanese TV

These are unique alarm clocks. Made of gunshots, bazookas and unexpected horse rides. On TV. In Japan.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Gachapin Fan Manga + Serious Off Roading By A Furry

This is Gachapin.

If you don't know Gachapin, then you must know this about Gachapin.

He has awesome extreme sports abilities.

He has been trained in weapons of mass destruction.

He has mad rockclimbing skills.

But did you know that he has a dedicated fan art community? He's in with both the dudes from Pulp Fiction & Batman. Seriously.

Also, he can ride a motorcycle like a bat out of hell. A polyester bat. On TV. In Japan.

Yama Yo! - The Next Big Trio + Pure Syncronized Dancing

This is utter weirdness. With white hair and jumpsuits. And somesort of supernatural overtones. On TV. In Japan.

Awesomely Surreal Rap Video With Fencing Animal Headed Creatures

This is how you put rap to video. With a Liberace stand-in. Plus pigs and monkeys. Fencing. On TV. In Japan.

Muscle Wrestling Action Figures Star in Anime

This is a call back to our youth. Where plastic figures dance. And make romance. On TV. In Japan.

All hail Josh McCormick, new prince of TV in Japan.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Exceptionally Strange Anime With Talking Animals

This is your typical anime. Where cats and children go to school together. Along with cannibalistic pigs. On TV. In Japan.

BONUS: Subtitles provided!

A Visit From An Old Friend: Japanese Spider-Man!

This is how you soundly defeat enemies. With badass miniatures. On TV. In Japan.

Ramen Noodle Superhero Has Guns Of Soy Sauce

This is Superman. With noodles for brains. Literally. On TV. In Japan.

Thanks Josh McCormick. You are my new hero.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Four Way Ping-Pong Plus Silver Suits = Awesomely Weird Japanese TV

This is ping-pong. Squared. And then covered in tin foil. On TV. In Japan.

Thanks Josh McC for the tip!

Notes From My Virtual Travels Abroad

I often visit Japanese sites and use Google's pretty good translation software to understand a little of what's there.

Of course, sometimes, I get a whole different picture of what's here.

Like this:

Here's the link if you're into goo.

Chimp Hosts Talk Show, Gets Fresh With Guest

This is Conan O'Brien. As a chimp. On TV. In Japan.

Fish Fight! - Best Japanese Music Video Ever

This is how you parody Japanese boy band culture. With green screens. And fish heads. On TV. In Japan.

Thanks to Jennifer Nielsen for the tip!

Follow Up Punishment to Mechaike Counting Game

Do you remember this counting game video where the dudes with huge hair went in circles on a bunch of motorcycles?

Well, here's what happens when one of them screws up.

Provided to YouTube by the awesome Hello! Project provider of many fine TV in Japan videos.

Real Life Koala Bear Fight

These are loveable Koala bears. With a serious bone to pick. On TV. In Japan.

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