Sunday, June 11, 2006

Four Way Ping-Pong Plus Silver Suits = Awesomely Weird Japanese TV

This is ping-pong. Squared. And then covered in tin foil. On TV. In Japan.

Thanks Josh McC for the tip!

Looks like they're playing a version of 4-square, where someone names a category and each person has to name something that fits in that category and then hit the ball to the next person.
This is possibly the best clip you've posted. Can someone *please* subtitle it?
I love that she has holes in her costume for her pigtails.
they're playing a game called "shiritori" where they have to use the last syllabic character of a word to begin a new one. it's hard when it's done is such a fast pace.
BTW... I think it was around 8 minutes into the game. Didn't I hear one of the failed words as Otoko (Otako)?
The starter got to choose the category for every round.

"Otoko" (boy) was the failed word for the category "the kind of boy Gomaki wants as a boyfriend".
The person on serve names a topic, and all of the players have to say something relating to the topic as they hit the ball. Each player starts with 11 points. If a player fails to say something relating to the topic (or knocks the ball out of play), they lose a point. The game ends when someone has 0 points. The winner is the person with the most points at the end of the game.

(FYI, they list the rules at the beginning of the video.)
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