Saturday, May 20, 2006

Police Witness History

This is routine police business. In a noodle shop. And asking the patrons to suck noodles up their noses. On TV. In Japan.

NOTE: Please make it to at least 1:10 on the clip. You won't regret it.

NOTE PT. 2: These are the same police who tried to arrest Darth Vader.

It's part of the Japanese TV show Mecha-Mecha Iketeru! which, according to the Asian Pop Culture wiki, is roughly translated as 'What A COOL we are!'

I stand in debt to them.

Ice Cream Attacks Woman Than Dares to Say They Are Friends

This is an ice-cream snack food commercial. Where the snack food takes revenge. But, in the end, it's all cool. On TV. In Japan.

Cosplay Idol

This is the early competition stages of Pop Idol. Except, instead of singing, contestants pose and shout repetitively. On TV. In Japan.

The Most Badass Robot Panda Anime Ever

This is anime. With Pandas. That themselves drive giant mech Pandas. And attack with extremely awesome death metal soundtracks. On TV. In Japan.

UPDATE: Thanks to an anonymous tipster, I've now found out that Panda-Z is readily available in the States. Links to Amazon now at your right if you want to get down with mecha-pandas.

BTW, I actually saw the toys that were spawned by this series in Japan back in 2004. They're pretty awesome but not half as awesome as the animated series.

Info from the Amazon page:
Shuichi Oshida reportedly created Panda-Z when he learned Adobe Illustrator on a MacIntosh. The 2004 broadcast series sets a new standard for minimalism in anime. The silent five-minute episodes offer so little movement, they can barely be called animated. Hero Pan-Taron pilots his mecha the Panda-Z against the forces of the Warunimal Empire, which consists of a little ox-like character and few other mecha. The robotic animals punch each other a couple of times, and that's it for the episode. Taron also eats and plays cards with his grandfather Dr. Pan-Ji and with Dr. Jangarly.
Here's another clip just for the sheer hell of it.

God help me, I can't stop singing the theme song.

Men Dressed as Goth Girls Get Crazy Musical on the Train

This is cosplay. With dudes in skits and goth getups. Singing their hearts out. On the train. On TV. In Japan.

UPDATE: TViJ reader Clarence writes in with this info:
The men are dressed up as Gothic Lolitas or Gosurori. There's a big difference between that subculture and the Goth subculture in Japan.
So what exactly is a Gosurori? Ask the Wiki and you shall find.

I remember seeing a number of girls dressed up like this when I visited Harajuku, the cutting-edge fashion district of Tokyo. Little did I know that was I seeing something rather rare in Japanese culture. I just assumed it was quasi-normal to dress like a Victorian Era doll.

I would wager my weirdness-gathering abilities that someone, somewhere has created an entire website that categorizes cosplayers into species-specific types. Hopefully with pictures and everything.

Links, anyone?

The Funkiest of Japanese People - The Yellow Magic Orchestra

This is classic funk. With an eastern influence. And an intro by Don Cornelius. On TV. In Japan.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Walking Sidewalks Pose Problems For the Elderly in Japan

This is why there are warnings. To watch where you step. Especially for old people. On TV. In Japan.

Shabu Shabu Done With Wire-Fu

This is how you cook meat. In a giant tub of boiling water. With a man hanging above said giant tub of boiling water. Trying to avoid a life-long tragic burn. On TV. In Japan.

The No Laugh Or You Get Beat Show - The Full Story

A couple weeks ago I posted this clip of a very strange Japanese TV program where a bunch of guys who looked like students were forced to watch a very funny non-native English speaker and not laugh.

Of course, they couldn't. Which was funny.

But then they were beaten. Which made it funnier. At least to me.

Turns out a lot of other people found it funny as well. The video now has over 300,000 views on YouTube and has been blowing up as of late.

Now, I have answers. Thanks to commentors and the internet.

That clip and this one that I posted a week ago featuring K-1 Champ Ernesto Hoost are both products of the comedy groups "Down Town" and "Cocorico", both of which have been making great Japanese television for quite a while now.

According to TViJ reader Pacific Dreams, these clips specifically are part of a "Butsu Game" in which the comedians have to spend 24 hours without laughing or face the stick.

Originally, I thought that these guys were just nobodies off the street but I think it's actually funnier that real celebrities have to go through this kind of punshinment in the name of hilarity.

Anyways, hope that clears up some of the questions. More information (or corrections) is always a good thing so if you've got insider information, let me know. Spread this post around and I'll update it as I see what new info comes in.

Pacific Dreams has also mentioned that these clips are part of the DVD series "Gaki No Tsukai". I've found these for sale via CDJapan here if you're interested in picking them up any time soon. They aren't cheap (around $70 bucks each) but maybe we can all buy one and share. In the spirit of the internets.

In the meantime, here's another clip from the same show where the guys have to watch a terrible woman dance and, still, cannot laugh. Or they will be beaten.

More on Down Town.
More on Cocorio and other Japanese TV comedy groups.

Masked Pop-Locker Gets Down To It's A Small World

This is Beat Street. With the guy from Scream. Dancing to sugar sweet melodies. On TV. In Japan.

More Laughs Through Pain The Japanese Way

This is Fear Factor. With guys in raincoats watching. Who aren't supposed to laugh. With picture-in-picture-in-picture technology. On TV. In Japan.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Furries Discuss Snacks and a Twist Ending: All in 15 Seconds

This is Primal Instinct. As a commercial. With furries instead of Edward Norton. On TV. In Japan.

For The Acnes In Your Life

This is a Stridex commercial. With screaming. And caustic foam. On TV. In Japan.

Magic Mushrooms Send Dudes Into Anime Dreams

This is how you pack snacks for a hike. A very special hike. Where you turn into a ripped anime version of yourself. And shoot a laser out of your mouth. On TV. In Japan.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Girl Tied Up While Two Dudes Go Through Her Room - For Fun. Seriously.

This is Room Raiders. With a twist. And light bondage. On TV. In Japan.

Note: While this may look bad, I think that this is all in fun. It looks like it's part of some very twisted game show called Cat's Eye. At least, I hope so.

Little help?

TV in Japan Gives Birth to Best Ad Ever

Thanks for continuing to make TV in Japan such an awesome experience for me. It's really been my first foray into blogging that's gotten some traction and I've totally loved all the awesome feedback I've been getting. Every single tip I've gotten has been totally amazing and most of them have made their way onto the blog.

However, I've come to conclusion as of late.

No, not that. I already knew there was a lot of porn. No, I'm not going to post it.

What I've noticed is that as I've trolled YouTube for the Japanese clips, I began to come across a lot of really awesome ads that aren't Japanese. And the AdCritic site (which I used to love) is now a pay site mostly focused on the Ad biz. Which sucks for me. And for you.

Therefore, I'm launching Best Ad Ever, a blog dedicated to the best ads on the net.

Or at least, the best ads on YouTube.

It may or may not be as prolific as TV in Japan (which will continue with massive updates as wackiness permits) but it's another place I'll be posting clips.

Hope you like it. And keep reading/watching TV in Japan.

Japanese Car Racing With Half-Cars

This is how you test the hottest in auto technology. But, first, you split the car in half. Then, you ram the back end of the car with the front into a bunch of gas cans. On TV. In Japan.

Testing Air Bags The Japanese Way

This is how you test air bags. At first, with sledgehammers. Then, ultimately, with three ninjas and a ramming log. On TV. In Japan.

Candy Dances For A Woman Then Enjoys Being Eaten

This is a candy commercial. Where the candy dances. And cries out to be eaten. And then goes into some sort of orgasmic glory cry when the act is completed. On TV. In Japan.

Two Dudes Get All Dance Crazy

These are B-Boys. Making time on the dance floor. On TV. In Japan.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

When Teapots Take Baths

This is a teapot. Preparing a special moment. On TV. In Japan.

Thoroughly Awesome Classic Japanese MTV Interview with Kajagoogoo Singer

This is MTV in the 80s. On TV. In Japan.

Female Japanese Reggae Artist Teaches Schoolgirls to Shop

This is a reggae artist. With a hell of a look. Taking over a class of school girls. And teaching them. About shopping. On TV. In Japan.

Ninjas and their DSes

This is a ninja. That, in addition to throwing stars, bear traps and floor spikes, has a Nintendo DS in his bag of ninjatude.

Thanks to the original Naked Ninja, Tom Russo, for the tip!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Female Wrestler Pins Another Female Wrestler With A "Special" Move

This is the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. With an extra special finishing move. On TV. In Japan.

Classic Videogame Advertising + Aliens = Awesome

This is how you sell Space Invaders. With the stop-motion Invader himself. On TV. In Japan.

Man Dressed as Sunflower Forced To Get Way Too High and Abused

This is how flowers grow. If flowers were people. And if those people were forced to keep their balance while being doused in flour. On TV. In Japan.

Thanks John!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Algorithm March + Ninjas

These are ninjas. Taking time to learn some new moves. Dance moves. On TV. In Japan.

Breaking News: Kani Goalkeeper Trailer Live!

Everyone's favorite crab soccer movie now has a trailer live on the web!

Unfortunately, it's only in streaming WMV but you can catch it here.

Click on the trailer icon and you'll be wisked away into absolute and total awesomeness.

BTW, if any enterprising TViJ reader wants to grab this and upload it to YouTube, I'd post it here in like zero seconds.

Bouncing Bosoms Kill Roaches Dead

This is how you kill roaches. With bouncing breasts. That go boing boing. On TV. In Japan.

Bullet Meets Katana In Extra Slow Motion

This is a Hattori Hanzo sword. Splitting the hell out of a bullet. On TV. In Japan.

Matthew's Best Zoolander Impression

This is how you pose for photos. Or better yet, this is how Matthew teaches you to pose for photos. On TV. In Japan.

Making People Eat Wasabi In The Library

This is how you make students uncomfortable. By staging a comedy stunt show. In a library. With a K-1 champion. On TV. In Japan.

Thanks to Balu for the tip!

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