Saturday, May 13, 2006

Man Uses Bomb Threat on Train To See Panties

Okay, let's get this out of the way up front.

The Japanese seem absolutely obsessed with panties.

I'll never forget last year at the Tokyo Game Show when I saw about two dozen Japanese men taking photos of boothbabes. Not that unusual right? I witnessed a scene very much like that at E3 yesterday. No big deal.

But there was something different in Japan, as per usual. All of the men were elbowing one another to get lower and lower angles on the picture. I couldn't figure out exactly why they were all scrunched down until I peeked over at one of thier screens. It wasn't the girl that they wanted a photo of. It was the girl's panties.

It was slightly shocking. At least to me.

I think that what weirds me out is the fact that is such a fascination. And that it's a relatively accepted part of the culture over there.

At one point, there were even panty vending machines for those who needed their panty fix on the go, like the one in the picture to the left.

Before you think that these might be for women who might just need a change on the run, look closely at the design. It's actually a machine that sells used panties for salarymen.

This specific machine was removed not that long after it was put there but just the fact that one would ever exsist is kinda gross.

Anyways, this all leads up to the following clip which is from a Japanese sketch comedy show. It's been subtitled which helps explain a few things but it's still weird as all hell.

Crabby Pizza!

This is how you sell a new pizza topping. On TV. In Japan.

Japanese Gollum Live On Stage!

This is a fanboy. With a make-up budget but no money for digital effects. On TV. In Japan.

Seriously, take the time to watch this one. It's disturbing in all the right ways.

Shaking Hands For Points

This is kinda like Karate Champ. Except with etiquette instead of roundhouse karate chops. On TV. In Japan.

Hard Gay - The Man, The Myth, The Legend

By now, I imagine most people on the internet have seen Razor Ramon Hard Gay, the amazing dancing Japanese Television leather daddy.

If not, here's a great introduction:

But if you've just watched the clips you only know half the story.

Behold, the Hard Gay facts (all props to the wiki):

1. The actor who plays Hard Gay is not actually gay.
2. Hard Gay's real name is Masaki Sumitani, a thirty year old comedian and former wrestler.
3. Sumitani visited a number of gay bars in Osaka to do research for the part.
4. As Razor Ramon HG, Sumitani has published a best-selling book.
5. In genereal, Japanese gay people do not like Hard Gay. They believe he adds to the negative sterotyping of gay culture that already exsists in Japan.

Do you have more Hard Gay facts? Let me know and I'll add them.

Until then, here's more Hard Gay, this time at a press junket for the Pink Panther movie. This clip is slightly out of character from the others on the net but it offers an interesting look at how HG is now a real celeb and not just a thrusting pelvis.

Monkey in Parka Goes Shopping With Pet Pig

This is how animals have learned to survive. By cohabitating in foreign lands. While wearing human children's clothes. And shopping for produce. On TV. In Japan.

Thanks Nathan!

Cute Overload Featuring Gelatin Cube

This is candy. Selling itself. With extreme cuteness. And trying to forget the fact that by selling itself it is essentially comitting suicide. On TV. In Japan.

Friday, May 12, 2006

80's Music With Robotic Lead Singer

This is a live show. With a robotic lead singer. Who has a habit of finding a number of holes in the floor. Again and again. On TV. In Japan.

Syncronized Salaryman Training

This is the Spike Jonze dance trainer character. Except for real. And with salarymen. On TV. In Japan.

Japanese Rocker Chick Sells Out

This is a young, Japanese Joan Jett. Hocking Pretz. On TV. In Japan.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Otaku From USA - Translated

Thanks to TViJ reader Coal, we can now watch the Otaku From USA video translated. Fantastic work Coal.

That is all. Must now sleep. E3 has eaten my brain.

Syncronized Swan Dancers

These are men. Not afraid to show their feminine side. Or grab their goosenecks. On TV. In Japan.

Mushi King Promotional Video

These are two coworkers. Dressed in beetle costumes. Participating in the hottest new form of office politics. On TV. In Japan.

Female Stand-Up Peeing: An Investigative Report

This is serious journalism. About women who now can pee standing up. And featuring the most awesome outhouse ever. On TV. In Japan.

E3 Cosplay Special

These are people playing dress-up. With giant rabbit ears. On TV. In Japan.


There is No Better Source Material For Comedy Than An Old Fashioned Kidnapping.

These are two wild and crazy guys. Trying to solve a kidnapping. On TV. In Japan.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

In Honor of E3: Zelda Meets Thriller

These are video characters. Performing Michael Jackson-esque dance moves. To classic 8-bit beats. On TV. In Japan.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Perverted Stange Man Sings With Lingerie Models

This is a stange man with back-up dancers. Whom all have buckets to dance with. And are also in their underwear. On TV. In Japan.

Warning: I have no idea what this says. It may be something bad in Japanese.

Otaku From USA - Update!

Coal, a Western resident of Japan, has an interesting take on the Otaku From USA video up on his blog and has said he'll be adding subtitles to the video soon.

We're all counting on you Coal. Seriously.

Also, Rick, the guy who posted the video and is actually in the show, has promised to send up another clip on Google Video very soon.

Rick, we're also counting on you.

Bob Sapp & Others Recreate Stomp And Inflict Massive Physical Punishment

This is the Broadway show Stomp. Reimagined as a rhythm game. That involves beating members of the dance troupe with small fans. And then clubbing them with one giant one. On TV. In Japan.

Note: Stick with it at least until three minutes in. It seeps awesomeness.

Thanks to John Thomas for the tip!

The Five Best Animals in Japan

These are five unique Japanese creatures. Each with special powers. And an awful voice over artist voicing their assumed thoughts. On TV. In Japan.

Sports Versus Japanese Monsters Part Two: The Volleyball Edition

This is a female Japanese volleyball superstar. Spiking repeatedly into a bunch of kids. Then, going one-on-one with a giant rubber monster. On TV. In Japan.

Okay, hold on a second here. I'm sensing another potential trend. Is there an entire library out there of TV featuring Japanese Monsters as the nemisises of sport superstars?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Thanks, again, go to Recon for the clip.

The Most Badass Game of Football Ever Played

This is American football. As played by the Star Rangers. On TV. In Japan.

Thanks Recon for the tip!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Gastrointestinal Gangsters

These are gangsters. Of the stomach. On TV. In Japan.

Robot Sick of Smashing Buildings, Wants Real Life

This is a music video. Depicting what every giant robot wants. Which is to be loved. On TV. In Japan.

Via: TheNetNat's MySpace

CondorMan in Japan

This is a superhero. With an actual feather in his cap. And a sweet ride. Plus, an archnemisis with cigarettes in his nose. On TV. In Japan.

Via: Crazy Japan

Tommy Lee Jones Pimps Boss Coffee

This is Tommy Lee Jones. Totally phoning it in. On TV. In Japan.

Domo Arigato & TV in Japan on MySpace

In the beginning, I was pretty sure that there wouldn't be a huge audience for this blog. After all, I personally love Japanese TV but how many other people out there would feel the same? It is after all, ridculously and gloriously weird.

As I've been talking to people both in person and online about TViJ, I began to realize how many people out there might actually like it quite a bit. I've been overwhelmed with all of the emails and the kind words.

Thanks to everyone for your support and please keep sending me clips. Any Japanese TV show you know about may send me down a pathway that could turn over more unexpected gems. So keep it up.

In order to keep spreading the word, and to create a small community gathering place, I've created the TV in Japan MySpace page.

This is TV in Japan. On MySpace.

Sign up as a friend and/or spread the blog to your other friends. They in turn will spread it to their friends.

And then, we shall form a revolution.

On TV. In Japan.

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