Saturday, May 13, 2006

Man Uses Bomb Threat on Train To See Panties

Okay, let's get this out of the way up front.

The Japanese seem absolutely obsessed with panties.

I'll never forget last year at the Tokyo Game Show when I saw about two dozen Japanese men taking photos of boothbabes. Not that unusual right? I witnessed a scene very much like that at E3 yesterday. No big deal.

But there was something different in Japan, as per usual. All of the men were elbowing one another to get lower and lower angles on the picture. I couldn't figure out exactly why they were all scrunched down until I peeked over at one of thier screens. It wasn't the girl that they wanted a photo of. It was the girl's panties.

It was slightly shocking. At least to me.

I think that what weirds me out is the fact that is such a fascination. And that it's a relatively accepted part of the culture over there.

At one point, there were even panty vending machines for those who needed their panty fix on the go, like the one in the picture to the left.

Before you think that these might be for women who might just need a change on the run, look closely at the design. It's actually a machine that sells used panties for salarymen.

This specific machine was removed not that long after it was put there but just the fact that one would ever exsist is kinda gross.

Anyways, this all leads up to the following clip which is from a Japanese sketch comedy show. It's been subtitled which helps explain a few things but it's still weird as all hell.

You know... that panty thing is very real for me. Well, I am one of those Nippon-jin living in Canada. The reason why those Japanese love panties is very complicated. In fact, you can even write a book about it I think... and this is what I think (below)

The detachment to "real" human is serious problem among Japanese people these days. And the symbol of real human is...well...genitalia, but those people are still human who cannot erase their desire easily. Then, they just go to panties which still hold some sexuality without real human (genitalia).
This detachment thing also explains Japanese anime-porn very well too.

I hope this help you to understand "ongoing real" Japanese culture a bit.
I have a theory about sexual objectification fantasies in workaholic & commodity centered cutlures. Objectification (both objectifying & being objectified) is a quick & easy stress release for the masturaborty impulse & is pretty normal to some degree in us all, but it times of extreme stress or alienation from others it can become the over riding focus of sexuality. In cultures that center on commodification there is a weird status gained for those who are the most easily objectified (porn stars, models, etc.)
I don't have the knee jerk antagonism to this dynamic that some other people do. I do see hyper consummerism & workaholism as a big part of the social indoctrination that leads people to be unhappy & I recognize that some people become so detached because of this that they cease to take responsibility for recognizing boundaries (women in Tokyo may ride in womens only train cars to avoid being groped by men who just won't respect the boundaries of simple interpersonal respect), but I think , even aside from these issues, a certain amount of objectification is built into human sexuality & is harmless in a balanced person.
"a certain amount of objectification is built into human sexuality & is harmless in a balanced person."

this is crazy talk.

"You know... that panty thing is very real for me"

this is crazy talk. gavin, you do a servie, and if these beat-off loonies want to use your site as an excuse to rape people, it's not your fault. they are crazier then most crap on j-tv. it's not "complicated" it is a "sickness". get help, soon. I don't want you to be interested in my sister's panties.
Can you tell me more about these sister's panties? I am trying to figure out if I should FAP or not.
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