Saturday, April 29, 2006

Devil May Cry About Your Girlfriend

This is a bad break up. With a finishing move. On TV. In Japan.

Thanks Mantari!

More Classic Japanese Spider Man - Plus Theme Song!

This is 'Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does what ever a spider can!'. On TV. In Japan.

HALCALI - Rip Slyme Protege

HALCALI is a female Japanese Hip-Hop duo that, while not as purely awesome as their finders/creators Rip Slyme, get a lot of points for style and video creativity.

Note the 8-Bit inspired awesomeness in the following video:

Then, when you've composed yourself, check out their new video featuring a gorilla unzipping himself out of an apple as well as other stuff.

For your further HALICALI needs, check the wiki yo. If you're interested, link to the Amazon CD import on the sidebar.

Thanks to codeMan38 for the tip!

If Only Shaving Were Always Like This

This is how you sell razors. With soft focus. And a helping of innuendo. On TV. In Japan.

Classic Sony Walkman Ad With Monkey

This is how a monkey relaxes. With his Sony Walkman. On TV. In Japan.

Godzilla & Observe

This is research on tire tread technology. Based on Godzilla's footprint. On TV. In Japan.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Matthew's Best Hit TV+

For any of you who thought this character in Lost in Translation was a joke, I bring you Matthew's Best Hit TV+.

Yes, Matthew is very much for real. And a huge star in Japan.

According to the show's Wikipedia entry, Matthew's real name is Takashi Fujii. And according to his wikipedia entry, Takashi Fujii does a whole lot more than just Matthew.

As always, lots of interesting stuff to be learned about our friends in Japan.

Here's the show's official site. Warning: Bright colors ahead.

Here's a great clip of the show (with subtitles for once!):

Japanese Girls Freak Out At Real Life Ringu

These are screaming girls. Watching TV. On TV. In Japan.

Thanks to Josh McCormick!

Kani Goalkeeper

There's an amazing new film coming soon in Japan called Kani Goalkeeper that as far as I can tell is about a crab that does a great job of keeping the the football out of the goal.

I guess this is kind of like the Japanese equivalent of American classics like Air Bud or MVP: Most Valuable Primate but still, it's a crab that tends goal. Pretty awesome in my book.

It comes out on DVD in Japan May 26th, which coincidentially happens to be my birthday. I'm definitely going to try to import it then.

For the time being, enjoy this link which has some production stills.

No video of it yet online (at least I can't find it) but it's by the same guy that did the Calamari Wrestler film.

What that's? You've never heard of the Calamari Wrestler?

Well, take a look.

More Awesome Old Spider-Man

This is Spider-Man. Versus the Samauri. And their awesome helmets. On TV. In Japan.

Thanks Santeri!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Paper Airplane Football

This is Arena Football. With paper airplanes. And fans. And shoulder pads. On TV. In Japan.

Thanks Scottbot!

Beastie Boys Circa 1987 In Japan

These are the Beastie Boys. Fighting for their right to party. On TV. In Japan.

Calorie Mate Down!

This is Keifer Sutherland. Protecting the president. If the president were CalorieMate. On TV. In Japan.

Aliens Attack Japanese Female Cops

This is War of the Worlds. Except the aliens are balloons. Giant cyclops balloons. On TV. In Japan.

Baby Hip

This is how you sell underwear. With or without sexual harrassment. On TV. In Japan.

Oh! Mikey - My All Time Favorite TV in Japan

There are few experiences in your life that will prepare you for what you are about to see. At first, it may or may not seem that shocking, but I assure you over time you (if you share my sensibilities) may find what follows some of the most compelling television ever made. At least if taken in digestible doses.

First, some back story.

Oh! Mikey is the product of Yoshimasa Ishibashi, an avant-garde director in Japan, and originally aired on Ishibashi's show Vermilion Pleasure Night. VPM included appearances by zombies, sexy sci-fi drug dealers and many other assorted oddities but none with the lasting appeal of Mikey and his family the Fuccons.

Let's get this out of the way . Mikey and his family are mannequins.

But, really, they are so much more.

Part satire of the American Family, part dada-inspired absurdity, the Fuccons family start going in one direction and then suddenly turn every which way at once.

From cheating spouses to magical squids on sticks, it has it all. At least all I need. I purchased one of the DVDs when I was in Japan a couple years ago and I've been hooked ever since.

And without further adieu (thanks to the glory of Google Video), I give you a very long clip of Oh! Mikey 2nd.

If you liked that taste (actually I think a thirty minute video is more than a taste), I suggest you look into purchasing some of the Oh! Mikey collection on DVD. There's a link to an Amazon listing for one of the DVDs and others can be found online at various import shops.

More on Mikey:

Meet the Cast
The Wikipedia Page
The Official Trailer for the English Dub Version - IMO, the English weakens the hilarity.

One Man, Black Pants and an Urge to Sell

This is the hard sell. By a balding man. On a green screen. On TV. In Japan.

Launching Humans Off A Dock

This is how you handle problem employees. By putting rockets on their feet. And launching them into the ocean. On TV. In Japan.

Chucky Impersonator Gone Wrong

This is Chucky. With the shakes. On TV. In Japan.

The After-School Electromagnetic Wave Club

Mystery solved.

Both Boing Boing and WFMU's Beware of the Blog have explanations of what's going on with these two unitard-ed gentlemen.

From Boing Boing:
Reader comment: aragoto says,

The two comedians (they're Japanese, naturally) are Koji Higashino (in the blue) and Koji Imada (in the red). The sketch Doug links to is literally titled "The After-School Electromagnetic Wave Club", and involves them (this may be obvious, but the mini-tards are distracting) using their magnets to pull a groper away from his victim. I sense the humour is mainly to be had from the costumes.

And now without further adieu, I give you The After-School Electromagnetic Wave Club.

These are two wild and crazy guys. With giant magnets. And barely contained scrotums. On TV. In Japan.

Thanks to Chaz for the info and Don for the original inquiry.

Man Size Larva Birth

This is an insect birth. With the insect replaced by a balding man. On TV. In Japan.

A Request To You Gentle Reader

Who are these guys?

I know clips featuring them went around in the last year or so and I'm trying to track them down. And for some reason Googling "weird Japanese wrestlers" returns nothing at all.

Any info would be much appreciated.

BTW, someone should grab Like right now.

UPDATE: Thanks to the commentors I have discovered who these guys are. Look for a more detailed post in an hour or two.

Human Whack-A-Mole

These are grown men. Getting whacked by rubber mallets. On TV. In Japan.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bob Sapp is the Fire

This is, again, Bob Sapp. Now singing. With purely awesome subtitles. On TV. In Japan.

Thanks Seniorita Misteriosa!

The Tanuki

A couple people have commented that the squirrel with big nuts in the Little Red Riding Hood commercial (down a few posts) is not a squirrel at all.

It's a Tanuki.

What's a Tanuki you might ask?

It's stranger than you might ever have dreamed.

More Rip Slyme Awesomeness

This is Rip Slyme. As finger puppets. On TV. In Japan.

Thanks codeman38!

Tempting Fate With Polar Bears

This is how you make polar bears angry. By dressing as their food. And filming it on TV. In Japan.

Mario Impersonators Play Mario Kart

This is how you sell Mario games. With fake moustaches. And massive amounts of mugging to camera. In Japan.

Thanks to LuisH!

Buried Treasure

This is an archaeological dig. With a surpirse. In Japan.

Check the Archives!

If anyone's new to this blog, be sure to check the April Archives.

Since I'm able to post a lot of stuff quickly, some stuff gets sucked under.

Mushi King Cosplay

This is how beetles mate. With J-pop superstars. In Japan.

Via Kotaku.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Real Life Bear Ranch Dancers

This is how you see wildlife. And how bears can dance. In Japan.

And yes, as far as I can tell, this is in fact a 'Bear Ranch'.

Check their offical site.

CORRECTION: The link above is for an entirely differnt Bear Ranch.

Here's the link to the Bear Park from the commercial.

Thanks to Matthew Ceasar for the heads up.

Transformers Meet Japanese Rock!

This is the Transformers. With guitar riffs. And extrodinarily passionate vocals. In Japan.

Red Riding Hood + Freaky Furries

This is Red Riding Hood. Hanging with furries. And a squirrel with big nuts. Selling stuff. In Japan.

Thanks DavidS!

Selling Nintendo Games With A Bathroom Militia

This is how you sell Nintendo games. With U.S. Marines. Dressed in white. Cleaning a bath house. In Japan.

Via Kotaku.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Don't Be A Sheep

This is a city run by sheep. Furry non-sheep sheep. In Japan.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Rip Slyme - The Most Awesome Hip Hop Of Japan

These guys absolutely rock.

They are the Pharcyde meets Jurassic 5 meets Japan.

I don't understand half of what they say but they certainly know how to say it.

If you want to pick up their album, Good Job, you can get it as an import at Amazon. Check the link on the side of the site if you need it now.

In other words:

This is a hip hop group. With immense talent. In Japan.

The official site.

Panda Samurai

This is a lesson. In whom not to mess with. In Japan.

Divine Horse Birth With Incredible Software!

This is a miracle. Brought forth by some sort of software. In a convience store. In Japan.

Computer + English Gentleman + Japan

This is an Englishman. Talking to a computer. With big red lips. In Japan.

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