Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Request To You Gentle Reader

Who are these guys?

I know clips featuring them went around in the last year or so and I'm trying to track them down. And for some reason Googling "weird Japanese wrestlers" returns nothing at all.

Any info would be much appreciated.

BTW, someone should grab Like right now.

UPDATE: Thanks to the commentors I have discovered who these guys are. Look for a more detailed post in an hour or two.

I've seen that. It's from a show MC'd by the manzai (comedy duo) team "Downtown". I think the show was "Downtown no Gottsu Ee Kanji"
How THAT look never caught on in the fashion world will bewilder me to the day I die.

p.s. If they are the guys I'm thinking of I think they did a show called '99' as well. But it's a bit hard to tell from that one shot. And I haven't seen Japanese tv in, like, four years.
N and S. These guys are obviously magnetic poles.
I don't know the name of show, but two guys names are
Blue: Koji Higashino
Red: Koji Imada
They are famous comedian.
yes it's a Gottsu skit
"Gottsu Ee Kanji" is the legend of weirdness
my best is a skit about a girlfriend who lays eggs
Oh good L0rd!
My eyes are BLEEDING!

(The paaaaaiiiiiin.....)
These are the Tokyo Shock Boys
You will find your answer here and here.
Oh, and you can buy one of those thongs here.
this site fucking rules. \m/
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This blog is quite cool.

Maybe i's still a bit too close to the original videotapes of Japanorama:

But I'm sure this blog will stand on its own in no time. We'll be watching.
I know these guys. They are not "Downtown".

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