Saturday, April 15, 2006

Ironic Retro Hip Kung-Fu Superhero

This is irony made by hipsters. In Japan.

Pseudo aerobics in Real Suits

This is aerobics. In suits. In Japan.

Dudes Dance in Swimsuits

This is Dance Party USA. In Japan.

Life Size Muppets Totally Extreme!

This is extreme sports. In Japan.

Boxer Goes Bald

This is a hair loss testimonial. In Japan.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Jingle Bells and Car Sales

These are car salesmen. In Japan.

Darth Vader Goes East

This is Darth Vader. In Japan.

Japanese Ronald

This is Ronald McDonald. In Japan.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Arnold Energy Drink Commercial

This is Govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger. In Japan.

Dalmation Rides Bike

This is Doggie Fizzle Televizzle. In Japan.

Pantyhose + Face

This is a face-lift. In Japan.

Kitten Tape Walk

This is Animal Planet. In Japan.

Bob Sapp Pizza Commercial

This is Bob Sapp selling. In Japan.

Japanese TRL

This is TRL. In Japan.

Insect Training

This is how you train pets. In Japan.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Get To Know Your Friends

This is how you get to know new people. In Japan.

Sticks Meet Butt

This is how you break sticks. In Japan.

Tickle Game Show

This is a game show contest. In Japan.

Chicken/Frog Waste Elimination

This is how you sell toilets. In Japan.

Burger Magic

This is David Blaine. In Japan.

Karate Theater!

This is faux karate. In Japan.

Facial Karaoke

This is dinner entertainment. In Japan.

Good Good Choco Party!

This is a snack commercial. In Japan.

Are you ready for the Japanese Clips?

Thanks to the magic of YouTube, Google Video & other video hosting services, I'm going to create a blog which gathers only the best in Japanese TV for your viewing pleasure.


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