Saturday, June 24, 2006

Konami Videos: Salaryman Tests Classic Famicom Games

I'm not really sure what's happening in the following videos but as a gamer I find it inherently compelling.

It's some sort of competition and it looks like the Salaryman has to pass all of these games until he gets let out of the room. But that's just a guess.

If anyone can help me understand, I'd love them forever.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Fat Man on Motorcycle - The New Superhero Hotness

This is a modern day superman. With kickass dirt bike. Plus, a superfro. And a hanging gut. On TV. In Japan.

TV in Japan: Best of the Week - June 23rd

Yes, it's that time again.

This week we've got awesome Japan amazingness. As always.

Monkey Talk Show Host Goes Banannas
The Chinese Girls That Split The TV In Japan Audience.
The Best Outhouse Gag of all Time
Puppet Dragon Fondles Boobs - But It's All Cool.
Naked Dominos. Or Mah Jong. Whatever.
Johnny Depp Gets Interviewed By Female Willy Wonka

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Mr. TV in Japan

Hard Gay's Weakness - Nipple Tweaks!

This is how you overpower the always uber-powerful Hard Gay. With extreme nipple torture. On TV. In Japan.

Cute Girls Spelling Out Words With Hips + Air Vent + Miniskirts = Extreme Weirdness

This is how you teach the alphabet. With rotating hips. And an upskirt cam. On TV. In Japan.

Johnny Depp Gets Interviewed By Japanese Female Willy Wonka

While the funny happens near the very end of this clip, what's interesting to me is how Depp does such a great job of listening to the Japanese questions like he understands them.

This always happens to me when I'm interviewing people from other cultures, whether they're Japanese or not. It's amazing how good you can get at just smiling and nodding and encouraging people to keep talking.

A Day in the Life of a Genius Monkey - Japanese Style

This is a brilliant simian. Who enjoys trips to the beach, whale hunting and long walks in the park. And has a wicked sense of fashion. On TV. In Japan.

Japan's Got Talent - The Gong Show + Physical Pain

Gorillamask visitors and others! First, thanks for visiting.

Then, come check out this clip at it's new home.

Or just look at it here. But eventually you should make your way to

This is a talent showcase. Where the talent really has no talent. And the judges have Doc Brown wigs. Oh, and there's a trap door. On TV. In Japan.

Thanks again to Josh McC!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hard Gay Performs Live

This is Hard Gay. Making time live, on stage. On TV. In Japan.

Pythagoras Switch - Most Awesome Kids Show Ever

This is Mr. Rodgers' show. With pengiuns and TV dogs. And Rube Goldberg devices. On TV. In Japan.

Cute Girls with Tails Dance For You

This is how furries start. By seeing videos of cute girls. In fuzzy cat ears. On TV. In Japan.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Love Between Goat & Woman Is Solved By Chocolate

This is about soothing yourself. When your goat leaves you. And all you have is chocolate. On TV. In Japan.

Thanks to Mr. McCormick, (at least) Prince of TV in Japan.

Even More Japanese Toilet Training - This Time With Furries & Japanese Mr. Hanky

This is how you teach toddlers to poop in potties. With an animated cat family. And personified waste. On TV. In Japan.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Naked Dominoes - The Next Big Thing

This is how you play strip poker. Except instead of cards, you use dominoes. Oh, and instead of clothes, you use bigger dominoes. And you play on the beach. On TV. In Japan.

Who is this guy?

I've seen this guy in so many clips and he's always doing the same thing.

Holding up signs for cute women to read.

Anyone want to give me some additional info on him? He seems to be all over the place.

UPDATE: My readers kick so much ass.

Andy Chong writes in the comments:
he's akiba kanpe, one of the nerd that appeared in Densha Otoko, you might not notice him, since he's not an important character in it. These are the spinoffs comedy where he go to live interviews of idols and tries to make them laugh with his notebook full of funny drawings. There is one with angelina jolie, you can find it at youtube

Lo and behold, Andy's right. This clip is fantastic. And has big lips.

Japanese Jackass - Lots of Stunts Crammed into One Clip

This is Jackass. With Japanese dudes instead of Johnny Knoxville & Steve O. Who, like their American counterparts, specialize in pain managment. On TV. In Japan.

This May Be the Weirdest Music Video of all Time

This is a music video. With lots of messed up stuff. On TV. In Japan.

Ringo Starr in Japanese Apple Juice Commercial

This is a Beatle. Being confused with apple juice. On TV. In Japan.

Potty Training Animation

This is how you teach potty training. Featuring animated toilets. With rosy cheeks. On TV. In Japan.

Awesome Commercial for Japanese Video Game Rating Organization CERO

This is how you explain the Japanese video game rating system. In sing-song. With line drawings of boobs. And truly awesome photoshopping skillz. Yes, that's with a 'z'. On TV. In Japan.

WARNING: May very likely be fake. But is definitely funny.

Monday, June 19, 2006

For the World Cup Fans in the House - Old School Sega Soccer Commercial

This is how you sell a soccer video game. With serious coaching anger. On TV. In Japan.

Welcome to Fist of the North Star Theater

This is how you do dinner theater. With anime as your muse. And skinny dudes in black tights as your actors. With obscenely wicked facial features. On TV. In Japan.

Puppet & Female Host Feel Guests' Boobs for Something Important

This is how you test for implants. With furry partners. On TV. In Japan.

Warning: If you condering boob fondling through clothes kinda taboo, you should take a pass on this clip.

BTW, I remember seeing this show late-night on tv in Japan. For real. In anyone has info or wants to offer up a translation, I'd love it for life.

Outhouse Suddenly Transforms Into Elevator and Waterskis - Suprise!

This is how you pull the old outhouse-not-an-outhouse prank. With serious hyrdraulics and motor boats. On TV. In Japan.

Rocket Chairs on a Ski Slope - Suprise!

This is a practical joke. With naked dudes. Unaware they're sitting on rocket chairs. On a ski hill. On TV. In Japan.

Thanks to Tom NA for the tip!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Black Tights Guy Has Mad Rap Skillz

This is how you drop knowledge. In black tights. While standing in the frozen tundra. On TV. In Japan.

Forgive Me: This is Chinese But May Become One of the Best Internet Videos Of All Time

Okay, first and foremost, this came from a Japanese blog.

But it's not Japanese. It's Chinese. For that, I am sorry.

But it may perhaps become one of the best internet videos of all time. And for sharing it with you, sorry I am not.

Luckily for us it has subtitles. Which make it funnier. But even without reading along, you can easily get the gist.

After all, little girls making fun of each other tends to transcend cultures.

Oh, and if I'm overhyping this, I'm sorrry. It really is that good. At least to me.

Amazing Teens Show Super-Powered Abilities to Jump Rope & Yo-Yo

These are gifted teenagers. Who are good with ropes. On TV. In Japan.

P.S. This is a seriously good clip if you're into freaks of skill.

Daft Punk Travels Through Tokyo in Costume

This is Daft Punk. Sharing their secrets. On the streets of Harajuku. And revealing just how awesome thier robotic heads look in the dark. On TV. In Japan.

More Karakuri Funniest English - With Notes!

Here's another clip of Karakuri Funniest English uploaded again by Pawel. This time about 'your personal obession'.

Pavel's also included notes on this episode. They follow here:

This episode's topic is 'What is your my boom?' or 'What is your personal obsession?'. Quite a few funny moments here.

A couple of vocabulary words that might be handy:

gaijin = foreigner

soidaigomi = Large garbage. In other words, things like furniture or appliances that are only allowed to be put out on certain days. Literally written as 'rough, large, garbage'.

tansu = a dresser (furniture).

Air Freshener Commercial Featuring Multiple Samurai

This is how you clean stink. In the samurai village. Without a plug-in. On TV. In Japan.

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