Friday, April 28, 2006

Kani Goalkeeper

There's an amazing new film coming soon in Japan called Kani Goalkeeper that as far as I can tell is about a crab that does a great job of keeping the the football out of the goal.

I guess this is kind of like the Japanese equivalent of American classics like Air Bud or MVP: Most Valuable Primate but still, it's a crab that tends goal. Pretty awesome in my book.

It comes out on DVD in Japan May 26th, which coincidentially happens to be my birthday. I'm definitely going to try to import it then.

For the time being, enjoy this link which has some production stills.

No video of it yet online (at least I can't find it) but it's by the same guy that did the Calamari Wrestler film.

What that's? You've never heard of the Calamari Wrestler?

Well, take a look.

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