Sunday, April 23, 2006

Computer + English Gentleman + Japan

This is an Englishman. Talking to a computer. With big red lips. In Japan.

Was that really filmed in Japan? The trucks with english print on them and the red double-decker bus driving by at the end (not to mention the architecure and the streetsigns) kind of looks like it might have actually been filmed in England and translated into Japanese...
Persocom is another wonder of the japanese absorption of other languages. It's obviously "Personal Computer" shortened.

As far as it being filmed elsewhere, that's entirely possible. But how many times have you seen a movie or tv show that was filmed outside of where it aired.
Not complaining about that, really, I enjoyed the clip, I'm just saying it's not totally fair to say it was so and so, with such and such, in japan, when it's obviously not. :p

That being said, it was probably filmed and the same commercial aired whereever that product is sold. Still funny though!
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