Sunday, April 23, 2006

Rip Slyme - The Most Awesome Hip Hop Of Japan

These guys absolutely rock.

They are the Pharcyde meets Jurassic 5 meets Japan.

I don't understand half of what they say but they certainly know how to say it.

If you want to pick up their album, Good Job, you can get it as an import at Amazon. Check the link on the side of the site if you need it now.

In other words:

This is a hip hop group. With immense talent. In Japan.

The official site.

Plenty more where that came from; a quick search of YouTube turns up these other vids:

Stepper's Delight
Fade Away
...and my personal favorite...

They also did the opening theme to the anime series Gantz.

I really need to import that album.
That galaxy video is awesome. Going up now!
Man these guys are pretty awesome.
Thanks for turning us onto them
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