Sunday, May 07, 2006

Domo Arigato & TV in Japan on MySpace

In the beginning, I was pretty sure that there wouldn't be a huge audience for this blog. After all, I personally love Japanese TV but how many other people out there would feel the same? It is after all, ridculously and gloriously weird.

As I've been talking to people both in person and online about TViJ, I began to realize how many people out there might actually like it quite a bit. I've been overwhelmed with all of the emails and the kind words.

Thanks to everyone for your support and please keep sending me clips. Any Japanese TV show you know about may send me down a pathway that could turn over more unexpected gems. So keep it up.

In order to keep spreading the word, and to create a small community gathering place, I've created the TV in Japan MySpace page.

This is TV in Japan. On MySpace.

Sign up as a friend and/or spread the blog to your other friends. They in turn will spread it to their friends.

And then, we shall form a revolution.

On TV. In Japan.

Also syndie'd on LiveJournal

Dominant Pimps
Also syndie'd on LiveJournal
I put your link in my blog. I think this is the best TV blog i´ve ever seen. I´m a Japan maniac, and this is a great place to research.
I must be retarded. I made an account at myspace, but how do I join your "friends"....or do you have to add me?
Hey man, love the site, I've already linked to you and some of the vids you come across..You are doing a great service for all of us Japanophiles that spend hours on youtube and google video tracking down the insanity..PS I sent you a friend request!
Try Nep League's akiba kanpe 秋葉カンペー

ラーメンズ are a good comedy group, too
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