Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Syncronized Swan Dancers

These are men. Not afraid to show their feminine side. Or grab their goosenecks. On TV. In Japan.

Does anyone else ever just wish that stuff like this was on American TV more often? It's still better than American Idol.
that's nakai, the lead singer of s.m.a.p. they have they number one song in japan this week: dear woman. though I don't think he wears the swan wang in the video for that song. he's kinda famous for being a crappy singer. and he's the lead singer of the most popular boy-band (now in their 30s) in japan. if the answers scare you, maybe you should stop asking questions. the rabbit-hole of j-tv gets deeper, and deeper.
minor typo: synchronized
I am scarred for life
and yet, that was strangely entertaining
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