Wednesday, May 10, 2006

E3 Cosplay Special

These are people playing dress-up. With giant rabbit ears. On TV. In Japan.


I will keep my original stance: japanese cosplayers=hot. american cosplayers=not.

however, several of these rather hot japanese cosplayers come off as pretty much dorks, which is too bad. they are much hotter when they are not trying to explain their nerdy costume. I prefer the just showing the firm japanese backside, with no explanation. is it me?
I love the fact that even though the interviewer was making fun of the cosplayers, he himself was dressed like Rupan.
Btw the giant bunny eared person is cosplaying a character from the upcoming Final Fantasy XII...
woah! japanese are so crazy!!
I like it XD it's funny though...
But I can't stand male who dress like girls and also speak like them...scary X_X
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