Monday, May 08, 2006

Bob Sapp & Others Recreate Stomp And Inflict Massive Physical Punishment

This is the Broadway show Stomp. Reimagined as a rhythm game. That involves beating members of the dance troupe with small fans. And then clubbing them with one giant one. On TV. In Japan.

Note: Stick with it at least until three minutes in. It seeps awesomeness.

Thanks to John Thomas for the tip!

This is another clip from 'Mecha-Mecha Iketeru!'. The same show that produced the oiled up naked guy and the slapping of people in kimonos clip. The fat guy in all three of the clips is named Kei Yamamoto. Great show.
and by fat guy I mean the guy wearing the single red dot on his shirt is the same guy as the one in the oiled up clip and the slapping clip.
The Japanese sure do like their Bob Sapp.
Its like Dance Dance Revolution. Except, you assault people with fans! WTF?
this is a sweet clip. it's true that japan loves bob sapp, especially when he is beating thier people. I saw randy bass beat some japanese people on this show, too. thank buddha for no insurance.
Bob Sapp faked his fall - there's far more of a delay between being hit and his falling than the other guys.
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