Monday, May 08, 2006

Otaku From USA - Update!

Coal, a Western resident of Japan, has an interesting take on the Otaku From USA video up on his blog and has said he'll be adding subtitles to the video soon.

We're all counting on you Coal. Seriously.

Also, Rick, the guy who posted the video and is actually in the show, has promised to send up another clip on Google Video very soon.

Rick, we're also counting on you.

I just sent an email to Coal letting him know my email address so he could send me FTP details to allow me to send him the video file of the show. He will then, I gather, put English subs on it. So basically, I will provide the video and he will do the subtitling. BTW, Coal, I did not mention it but I am a fansubber and if you want do the translation, I can take care of the rest (timing and the addition of the subs.)

As a matter of fact... this is the reason why you can see me singing the "Gegege no Kitaro" anime opening song on the video. I am very familiar with the tune as I am currently fansubbing a 1962 episode (first TV episode) of the series. Those of you not familiar with "classic" (i.e., "old") anime can just read about it on the Wiki:

I have not forgotten about my promise regarding the other video, but that is all I can say for now...


I showed that video to my friend who is in the video. He posted some info about that video on his blog.
I've updated the video on the link above to show the subtitled version. It's YouTube so the quality ain't great, but should suffice.
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