Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Female Japanese Reggae Artist Teaches Schoolgirls to Shop

This is a reggae artist. With a hell of a look. Taking over a class of school girls. And teaching them. About shopping. On TV. In Japan.

That was creepy. That woman is creepy. The Japanese really need to work on their "reggae", too.

Really, really, creepy.
i'm still not over the length of the chemical equation on the board that those kids were doing...damn.

and yeah japanese lady rapper with corn rows, "HERR NO!"
definitely rap, not reggae.
that was possibly the best clip I've seen yet. It was practically a religious experience. Cornrow Asian woman had me gettin down to ill beats, yo...

i think she should have had back-up dancers. Instead of just drone-like Japanese schoolgirls. That would have made it a truly...out of body experience.
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