Friday, May 19, 2006

Walking Sidewalks Pose Problems For the Elderly in Japan

This is why there are warnings. To watch where you step. Especially for old people. On TV. In Japan.

That ain't a moving sidewalk- why would he fall backwards on a moving sidewalk? He'd be pushed forward. That's an ESCALATOR!

The announcer says he did regain consciousness and apparently recovered.
Horikita Maki I see you laughing at that old man's dismay down in the bottom right corner. And here I thought you were the innocent type. :P
Holy cow. That old guy took a hard tumble down a long escalator!
The narrator said it was in Seoul Korea not Japan. Get it right please!
Do you have stairs in your house?
Please go stand by the stairs.
Doesn't look like an escalator to me. I thought it had to be for him to roll like that, but it looks way too flat.
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the caption says "escalator" but that is clearly an angled "moving walk" (as they call it in japan). they have those a lot now...with magnets in 'em in malls so you can take your shopping cart to another floor. eh? nice, huh? unless you were this old man...that's a bite.
you know, old people die from stuff like that. thats not funny.
I do feel bad for the old man.

However, the people in the boxes sure are enjoying it.

Therefore, it's okay for me to enjoy it as well.

Another case of the 'kicked in the nuts on America's Funniest Videos' phenomenon.

In any case, I'm glad you guys liked it.
No worries Gavin. I understand your motivation in posting the clip. There is something weird about the visual of the old gentleman taking a tumble down the escalator. Watching the talent chuckling at the lower corner of the screen... even weirder.
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