Wednesday, May 17, 2006

TV in Japan Gives Birth to Best Ad Ever

Thanks for continuing to make TV in Japan such an awesome experience for me. It's really been my first foray into blogging that's gotten some traction and I've totally loved all the awesome feedback I've been getting. Every single tip I've gotten has been totally amazing and most of them have made their way onto the blog.

However, I've come to conclusion as of late.

No, not that. I already knew there was a lot of porn. No, I'm not going to post it.

What I've noticed is that as I've trolled YouTube for the Japanese clips, I began to come across a lot of really awesome ads that aren't Japanese. And the AdCritic site (which I used to love) is now a pay site mostly focused on the Ad biz. Which sucks for me. And for you.

Therefore, I'm launching Best Ad Ever, a blog dedicated to the best ads on the net.

Or at least, the best ads on YouTube.

It may or may not be as prolific as TV in Japan (which will continue with massive updates as wackiness permits) but it's another place I'll be posting clips.

Hope you like it. And keep reading/watching TV in Japan.

Excellent. There is too much good material out there to ignore. Commercials from all over, many of them completely psychotic. There has been more than one occasion that I wished some piece of weirdness was Japanese so I could send it to you.
gavin, that is awesome. keep up the great work. I was worried your announcement was you had the hivs or you sold tv in japan to mel gibson or something. good news is always good news.
You had your first success, and already, you're branching out? Well, gratz on your new endevour, but I can't help thinking we've lost something over on this side.
Nothing lost here Josh.

All of my time (what little I have outside of Attack of the Show! and my family) will be dedicated to finding TV in Japan clips.

Best Ad Ever is really for those gems I just can't throw away.
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