Saturday, June 10, 2006

Gothic Lolitas - A TV in Japan Hyper News Special Report

This is a subculture. With the cursory eyeshadow. And striped stockings. On TV. In Japan.

UPDATE: TViJ reader Dave fills in a lot of the Gothic Lolita blanks in the comments. Check it out!

more gothic Roritas!!!!
Wow - talk about being from outer space. :)
I didn't think Gothic Lolita was that wierd to be posted here... but might as well make a little write up. It's essentially a visual style to look extremely fancy and made-up, to the point of decadence. It was made popular by Mana about 10-15 years ago with his band Malice Mizer, they broke up in 2001 and he's now in Moi Dix Mois, and has his own clothing line, Moi Memie Moitie. It's all part of a musical genre, Visual Kei, where the visuals are as important as the looks. Here's some music videos:

Malice Mizer - Beast Of Blood

MM - Illuminati

MM - Shiroi

MM - Gensou Rakuen
Here they perform a live, staged excorcism, which they pretty much do at every concert in some crazed way.

One more thing, Mana is a mute, there are literally only 2 instances where he speaks directly to someone impersonal to himself within the past 20 years. He's also a guy.

Here's some more bands/music videos that may interest you Mr. TVinJapan(and all these bands are all guys as well):

Dir En Grey - Yokan
Dir en Grey aren't all just pretty fun funs though, although these aren't considered VK...
DEG - Saku

The Engrish, the Engrish!!! It BURNS!!!
DEG - Cleavor Sleazoid

Probably one of the best music videos ever, this is probaebly one of the wierdest things to be exported from Japan... And should definately be featured on the front page.
DEG - Obscure(Uncensored)

Another front page worthy...Noir Fleurir - Omocha No Miisha

Umm, here's a wierd video...
J-Rockers doing the chicken dance xD

Last video reminded me of this band, I describe them as "Power Rangers as a band"
Psycho Le Cemu - Prism

Miyavi - Shindemo Boogie-Woogie

Here's Gackt(he claims he's over 460 years old), an ultra-popular(on the level of Utada Hikaru and Morning Musume, etc) pop-rock star formerly from Malice Mizer, at a concert for his newest album (an ultra extravagant, 3 hour concert complete with cinematography, horse riding, about a total of 400 outfits for all his dancers(which include advanced choreography) with moving stage and light shows, among other things) reperforming an old act. Which includes giant dancing kitties and the wave. Skip to about 7:30 for the beginning of the song.
Gackt - U+K Live

Another thing is, they all make their own outfits, by hand, or they find them from second hand type stores.

Talk about geekathon ~_~,

I'm not sure you can say that they _all_ make their own outfits by hand - especially since the video showed a store inside of the Ichi-maru that specialized in gothic lolita clothing. I'm sure a good majority of them are just tagging along and following the trend with their wallets now. It seems like it's become mainstream enough now to commercialize.

Anyhow, what prompted me to make the outer space comment was not the dress or anything, but the way the first girl interviewed in the video was talkiing - struggling with 100 year old keigo. The interviewer was making fun of her a little.

It's all fun, but I'm reminded of geeky American Star Wars fans when I watch this. :)
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