Saturday, June 10, 2006

The God Tongue - Could You Resist This Woman's Kisses?

Okay, literally just found this one and it's pretty amazing.

But I must sleep. More words tomorrow. For now:

This is how you test your nerd quotient. By seeing exactly how long you can remember that you weren't supposed to kiss this girl. Who is so into you. And posesses 'The God Tongue'. On TV. In Japan.

Part One:

Part Two:

That's pretty nasty really
I would never win any of those contests. I'd always kiss the girl, and I'd never resist if a cute japanese girl in Lingerie tried to grope me. What the hell are they being offered that would make them resist? Are they all married or something?
Is one of those guys from Densha Otoko?
Hahaha, this is one of funniest shows i've ever seen XDD. Please post more footage!

Jakanden: yes, is one of the actors of Densha Otoko
that japanese girl's name is mihiro and she does hardcore porn (mosaic-ed, unfortunately).
goddam freaking hot girl.
Let's not forget the cultural fact (and oddity) that the Japanese place a LOT of value on a first kiss... So this is REALLY torturing for the nerd. As a fellow nerd, I feel like this would be worthy of a call to the Human Society or the cops. Grin. The poor guy. I would have been like "Oh bugger!" the minute she walked in and fluttered her eyes. I also wouldn't have lasted more than a minute at max, and probably would have taken my wallet out afterwards and emptied it of money without even being asked. Insanely beautiful woman, and a MASTER (God indeed)of girlish coy and manipulation. What's Japanese for "Use me as you wish!!!"??? That's the first thing I would say to her.
Dude, that is so cruel. Do you know how long challenger 2 lasted?
WTF!!! wut in the hell r those guys being offered anyways?!?!?!?!
the only way i wouldnt kiss her and screw her brains out on that couch is if they told me that id b able to shit gold for the rest of my life!!!
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