Monday, May 22, 2006

Deeply Disturbing Look into the World of Japanese Otaku

As I learn more and more about the whole Otaku (in Japan) phenomenon, I think that I'm starting to get a better feel for the strange world in which these people live.

Essentially, they are creating lives for themselves separate of Japanese society. It seems like a lot of these lives often involve odd anti-social behaviors.

Like, for instance, living with and dressing a bunch of mannequins.

If any one out there wants (Coal, I'm looking at you) wants to translate this, I imagine there's a lot of info being conveyed.

As it is, this is still a fascinating look into another country's subculture.

UPDATE: We have a translation! Thanks to Jennifer Sasahara for the following:

"This is Masa-san (Age 42), doll-er history 1 year."
"Upon being guided into the room, we find four love dolls."

M: "This is the eldest sister, Mayu. She's responsible and she cares
for her sisters. Next is Alice. I think she's a little dependent and
shy. Next is Ai. She's the youngest sister and the most dependent. The
person sitting on the sofa is my wife, Yui. She's very reliable."

"For Masa-san, Yui-san is the ideal woman. They were happily married
in June of last year."

Staff: "The hands and such are indeed soft, aren't they?"
M: "Yes, there is a softness to them."
Staff: "So the breasts are also..."
M: "Hold on! Stop that please!"

"When the staff touched the breast, Masa-san got really mad."

M: "Because upon meeting a person's wife, you don't go touching her
breasts, do you?"

"He is totally in love. How can one become like Masa-san?"


Up until now, he has purchased about 60 outfits for the dolls.
Combined with underwear etc, the total comes to about 150,000 yen.
Also, as the family grew larger, Masa-san moved from a 6 tatami
apartment to a 15,000,000 yen mansion.

"For loved one, don't fret over a few expenses."


M: "A camisole and tshirt set <3"

"Anniversaries are important times for women. Especially make sure to
celebrate birthdays."


"To prevent lulls in the relationship, the most important thing to do
is skinship."

M: "Let's swap bras. Let's change, ok?"

I remember reading about this in some magazine. If I recall, it is actually a subculture of the subculture heh.
This has nothing with "culture" to do.. Just look at the west world and their TV programs.. What kind of culture do "American Idol" and fifty car chases a week on fox send to the rest of the world.. This is just a view of a sick man and his pretend-family.

I disagree. I think American Idol and 50 car chases say a ton about our culture.

A culture's tastes are reflected in their television. And that's why I find other countries' TV programming fascinating.
These things are called "Real Dolls". And they're the most disturbing thing that the Internet's ever taught me about.
They're multi thousand dollar life sized plastic "people" with a simulated flesh texture and "special" parts. They're tailor built to the specifications of creepy old men (And once or twice, women) from all sorts of countries, who'd like a "Partner" without the hassle of actually interacting with anybody.

If you can afford to lose alot of sleep, type "Real Doll" into google.
Ok, the fact that he's 42 years old and living with his three younger "sisters" and his "wife" who all just happen to be made out of plastic is just about the freakiest thing ever.....
These aren't Real Dolls (which are amercian products), these are "Candy Girls" and are manufactured by a japanese company called Orient Doll.

There are also places in akihabara where doll lovers can rent a booth and a Candy Girl (favorite outfit included of course) for a few hours...
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