Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Fridge of Doom or What Happens When You're Forced to Look in the Heart of Darkness

This is a refridgerator. That has been left, lonely and cold, by a family for ten long months. Now, the family is back. And the fridge is angry. Angry with moldy food. That he forces them to stare at. On TV. In Japan.

actually it one year and ten months, which is an amazing mess. these are more gross than most school bus accidents
True story: I've got one of the mini-refridgerators that I un-plugged last summer. I, stupidly, never got around to getting rid of all the food I left in it. Eventually, black stull leaked out onto a small area of the carpet.

I still haven't gotten rid of it. I feel it's for the best of humanity if I never open it.
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