Saturday, May 27, 2006

Nightscoop - My New Favorite Series on Japanese TV

The last few clips I've posted, including the one below, are from a show called Tantei Night Scoop (Detective Knight News). Which to me seems a lot like Fear Factor without any sort of prizes involved.

Wikipedia is of no help on this one so please, if you have info, drop it.

Now, check out this amazing clip where a woman who is deathly afraid of roaches is brought to a roach farm. And forced to put on a Roach suit. Then brought into a room full of what must be 100,000 of the buggers.

Of course, she is scarred for life.

Luckily, just a little later, the man with the sweater tied around his neck, takes her and her husband to witness an albino roach shedding it's normal roach skin.

Or there's this clip, which, as far as I can tell, is about how to open a giant sake bottle with the least amount of spill. Using a giant funnel. After, of course, covering the entire room in plastic.

All in a days work. On TV. In Japan.

apparantly this brand of sake explodes when you open it. they called the maker, and he explained how to open it with it exploding, which pretty much didn't work. maybe her lazy husband could get off his butt and help the wife out. maybe.
The roach farm was actually a pharmaceutical company. The roach room is said to host 1 million roaches. o_O The roach in the jar is actually a normal nymph (young) molting into an adult; it's white because its coat is new.
I can tell you a little about Tantei Knight Scoop because it is also one of my favorite shows that I watch on Sundays and more than once it has made me cry. Basically people write in "onegai"s [wishes] and then the hosts go about trying to make those wishes come true.
Interesting, so NightScoop is kind of like Extreme Home Makeover, except with some Fear Factor mixed in.


So Abbot, what's the deal with the Cockroaches then? Is that for the woman to get over her fear?
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