Friday, May 26, 2006

Best Gift Ever!

As you probably don't know, today is my birthday.

And while I greatly appreciate all of the MySpace greetings and animated gifs, I believe I have a winner in terms of TV in Japan-related gifts.

The incredible Luis Hurtado (the animator I work with in my real-life gig as TV producer) had gifted upon me this most awesome TViJ logo.

Actually, he gave me two. One of which will become part of the site. And perhaps other things as well. The other of which will be cast into the nothingness forever.

Which one will win? The suspense is killing me.

Go to Luis' MySpace page for more Luis-related info. Ladies, he's all man.

Sweet. I dig the one on the left. The little test pattern works for me.
I vote for the one on the right :)
i'm voting for the left as well <3
Happy Belated B-Day!

And Something Inside Me Says To Go For The One On The Right..
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