Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Large Breasted Western Woman Shocks Female Japanese Reporter

This is how you do an expose on bust sizes. By weighing the breasts. And seeing, from a first-person perspective, exactly how hard it is to see your feet. On TV. In Japan.

But, honestly, does it really count if they're fake? Couldn't that reporter get hers to look the same way just as easily? Those things didn't move an inch when she was working out. I guess their fine if you like making out with volleyballs.
The weirdest part is when the voice over says "American Dreeeeeamu!" and rolls his Rs.
That made me cringe when she exercised. How much pain must her back be in on a daily basis? She would have to work out just to keep from being humpbacked.

Loved the staring and pointing though. Classic.
She really needs to consider having a third one implanted on her back to balance herself out.
now that's just kind of disgusting...
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