Sunday, May 28, 2006

Welcome Yahoo! Friends

My traffic was jumping a bit this morning and I couldn't figure out why.

Yes, I know Nightscoop is awesome but it wasn't that awesome.

It turns out Yahoo! has made TViJ the pick of the day!

Therefore, for our new visitors, be sure to peruse the entire site. There's lots and lots of videos down below and in our specialized TViJ archives.

Also, be sure to join the TViJ MySpace Friends list. We share our love daily.

With that, I leave you with one of my favorite clips yet. Watch it and you will be entertained.

For more info on this clip, go here. Then, go everywhere else.

And again, thanks for visiting!

Yep, I remember I when that show was on, and the infamous "Batzu" games. In the older version, if you laughed, a guy would come a throw a dart in your ass. Yes a dart. But they had to tone it down because it was too painful. The funniest scene I remember they guys were taking a public bath [onsen] there was a woman in the bath. That alone was funny because they were nude. But then after a while huge bubbles started
to errupt from underneath the woman. Hilarious. While they were preparing for the bath and getting nude, a Japanese guy walked in from the bath but naked with a huge afro. Finally, the members weren'T allowd to sleep and Darth Vader, Chewy, and c3po costumed guys kept walking in. But, even though that is funny itself, the gag was that it was dead winter, and when they went to close the door, those three characters would walk in and open the door again. This continued almost indefinitely. HAHAHAHA. The show was called "Gakitsukai"
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