Thursday, June 01, 2006

Girls Go Crazy for Ramen

This is a noodle shop. Full of flustered young ladies. And a chef with buttons for eyes. On TV. In Japan.

reminds me of a certain shampoo commercial in america...
Oh my. No sexual suggestion here. No! None at all!

Judge Rage: Good call on the shampoo thing. You're right!
The girls are saying, 'Don't stop', if I'm not wrong.
No, the girls are saying, "can't stop." Yamerarenai is the potential form in a negative, non-past, casual conjugation. The subject is implicit and can be understood as "I."

"Don't stop" would be, "Yamenai" (negative, non-past, casual), "Yamenai de kudasai" (prohibative polite) or "Yameru na" (prohibative casual).
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