Wednesday, May 31, 2006

More From Our Friends at Soramimi Hour - Linkin Park & Sum 41

I'll post more about this show tomorrow but this clip is going to blow up big.

It's from a show called Soramimi Hour which (I think) is about misunderstanding the lyrics of songs and then creating bad videos that go along with those misunderstandings. I've posted a few of these already but this is by far the best one I've seen yet.

Of course, I could be absolutely wrong on the whole misunderstanding thing. But just that guy in glasses saying 'Shut up when I'm talking to you' is worth the click.

Speaking of that guy, isn't he a big time host of other shows in Japan?

Fill me in as I'm going to try to do a more detailed write up tomorrow.

Soramimi Hour is actually just a 3-5 minute segment from a late-night show called "Tamori Club" (at least that's what it was back in 1995 when I last saw this show ... and Tamori is the guy in the glasses) but you pretty much hit the nail on the head as far as what it's about. He hosted a similar show called "Vocabula Tengoku" except that it involved Japanese puns instead of misheard lyrics.

Soramimi Hour made my Friday nights when I lived in Japan. I'm glad to see it's still on. I cried tears of joy to see it posted on YouTube.
this is pretty funny...japanese can hear japanese in linkin park lyrics. that's it.
Well, I thought that was pretty dull - presumably because I don't get the J-puns. Can someone explain what the Japanese that is being heard actually is.
I think you oversold this a little, Gavin. I was expecting the very funny. Just kind of got a 'Meh' out of it. Perhaps a dual-translation thing would have helped. That, or being bi.

Bi-lingual, you pervert.
There are definitely funnier ones than this (Michael Jackson's smooth criminal is a classic) but if you don't understand Japanese, it won't be funny as you won't be able to mishear it. Now when I hear some of these songs, I can only hear the Japanese words, not the English lyrics. Damn you, Tamori!!! ; )
you mean this one
that's right - it wouldn't be so funny if you don't hear it in japanese!!!

reversal engrish.

tamori is the host from "waratteiitomo" the most popular japanese variety show for the past 15 years - he also recently hosted "trivia no izumi" which was aired in the states as "spring of trivia (hey hey hey...)" his fame rivals takeshi kitano's...

I'm sorry if I oversold it for you. To me, it's a high point, for you maybe not so much. I'm a low brow-high brow kind of guy meaning that I see both as fully equal on the spectrum of comedy. I view both Johnny Dangerously and Annie Hall as favorites of mine. In other words, when it comes to laughs, I go all over.

I'm still surprised at what I find funny and what garners the most comments.

I tend to post a lot because I like to see how people react to different things. I'm desparately trying to find some solution to my nagging issue of over 200 posts and no way to easily go back into the archives to see what's there.

More to come on that soon.


here's your english for this one

sounds like

sounds like
7/3 LOOKS GOOD (this is where you put the part in your hair)

sounds like
CAN CHU-HAI (japanese wine cooler in a can)...OPEN IT...IT EXPLODES!

hope it helps, and keep 'em comin', gavin!
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