Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Weird Game Show Where People in Berets Draw Pictures of Crotches

This is Match Game. Except instead of completing the phrase, you draw pictures. Mostly of anime-styled crotches. All while wearing berets. On TV. In Japan.

This isn't a match game at all. The "artists" (one whom you may recognize from countless other vids linked to from this site) are given a title for a 4-panel comic, and they each have to come up with a panel. The "best" one is selected and they try to continue the story in the next panel. 4-panel comics are its very own genre in Japan, called "yon-koma" and there are books just filled with nothing but.
As for this clip the title is "Underwear Contest" and the winner in the 4th panel is "Koizumi's Hair."
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