Monday, June 05, 2006

Toy Commercial for Japanese Spider-Man Toys

This is how you sell Japanese Spider-Man. With action launching! On TV. In Japan.

they never think "gosh, I might need those fists again". they jsut launch them, willy-nilly.
The fist come back of course.

Thats old footage. Back in the early eighties Toei bought the license to spider-man from marvel. The plan was to make a Spider-Man Tokusatsu drama. However it sucked. Luckily the deal struck with Stan Lee and marvel said that Toei could do anything they wanted with character for some 60-ish episodes. So Toei introduced leopald, spiderman's giant robo that came to help fight the villians. After losing the first round, Leopald would "Grow Big" and then defeat the baddies. This is the first time that this happened in a Tokusatsu show and this lead to way to the current patttern of Super Sentai Shows in Japan to this day.

Bandai is re-releasing that Leopald Robot in the Chougokin line. Mine is already pre-ordered.

A funny thing is marvel still has license and the footage to Toei's Spiderman Tokusatsu Episodes. What will they do with it I wonder.
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