Monday, June 19, 2006

Puppet & Female Host Feel Guests' Boobs for Something Important

This is how you test for implants. With furry partners. On TV. In Japan.

Warning: If you condering boob fondling through clothes kinda taboo, you should take a pass on this clip.

BTW, I remember seeing this show late-night on tv in Japan. For real. In anyone has info or wants to offer up a translation, I'd love it for life.

As I watch these variety shows I wonder what the Japanese would have made of Australia's Hey Hey It's Saturday.
this is the greatest thing ever. cute japanese girls getting fondled by other cute japanese girls, a talking dragon, and the band at the end rocked. awesome.
host - What cup?
guest - G.
dragon - G cup?
h - Can I try and touch them?
g - Sure.
d - Oo me too?
h - Kya! Soft!
d - Just a minute, don't take this the wrong way... can I try and suck them?

Yay for Japanese TV!! Big Huge Tits
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Hi. is there any way that you can send me the video was here and it was banned in Youtube?

I remembered seeing it a long time ago, but i can't find it again. It's a pity.

Thanks a lot.
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