Monday, June 05, 2006

Awesome Video from the 'Pillows' Featuring Puppets

This is how hip Japanese rock bands spend their spare time. In pipe-clustered basements. And mono-syllabic rhyming shirts. Surrounded by cheap puppets. On TV. In Japan.

This is a Video from a song used in / for the anime 'FLCL',166,ksjpcy,furi_kuri.html

Also, the video looks like it was ripped from the FLCL DVD.

Nice find, Gavin! the pillows are my favorite J-pop band. They've been around for about 17 years and as owlboy said, this song is from the anime series "FLCL" -- also known as "Furi Kuri" or "Fooly Cooly," which is returning to Adult Swim in early August.

TV Squad's FLCL story

the Pillows Wiki
I think they looked better when they were dressed geeky at the start than when they were attacked by the hair gelk monster...
Freakin LOVE The Pillows. :) Very nice find.
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