Saturday, May 06, 2006

Oiled Fat Man Tortures Others For Laughs

Here I was thinking that last post was pretty weird.

Then, I found something even stranger.

Something relatively disturbing. Something involving a chubby semi-naked man with lots of oil torturing another semi-naked man all for the enjoyment of a live audience. Who all seem to think this is the funniest thing they've ever seen.

Prepare yourself for a moment. And then watch this.

hey, that's the guy from the infamous sushi etiqutte video which was widely distributed online a while ago.
That was disturbingly homoerotic.
When I get older I want to be an oiled fat man.
If that's the same guy from the sushi video, then it may be a part of their regular comedy sketches?
Sorry, Andycjw, but that's not the sushi ettiqutte guy. His name is Hamaguchi and he is one half of the comedy pair "Yoiko". This is also from "Mecha Mecha Iketeiru", acomedy show with about 10 comedians led by the duo "99". I am guessing Hamaguchi lost some bet or contest, and this is the "batsu game" he has to succumb to. The big guy is Yamamoto, from the "Don't laugh part 2" post. The caption says this "oily guy" character hasn't been seen in 4 years, and the end says "See you again in 2010?" or something like that...
Every World Cup year Yamamoto does this to an unlucky male cast member on Mechaike and this year it was Hamaguchis turn to get violated.In later episodes his comedy partner is also 'slimed'.
you know, i thought that i had been completely desensitized to disturbing things thanks to the internet...

this is disturbing because it raises questions that i dont know if i want the answers.. nice!
Goddammit, Gavin.
"this is disturbing because it raises questions..."

...but i'm not even capable to form those questions, yet answer them.
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