Friday, April 21, 2006

Nasubi: The Human Guinea Pig

DavidS writes in about Nasubi, which may very well have been both the darkest and most brilliant series in Japanese TV history.

Nasubi (both his name and the name of the show) was forced to stay in a bare room and win all of his food, entertainment and consumables via send-away contests. It's a disturbing tale of depravity but when viewed through the vibrating laughter of the Japanese TV audience it became a smash comedy hit!

I've never seen the show but I've heard/read about it for a long time. If ANYONE out there has clips or knows where I can buy DVDs, let me know. I'd love to not only put them up here but just see it with my own two eyes.

Oh and to get back to the parlance of the site.

This is Survivor. Without teams. In an apartment. In Japan.

I don't know if you can order these outside of Japan, but you can buy the videotapes from
Did you know his goal/purpose was to win 1 million yen worth of prizes from those contests? Did you also know he was fully naked 24-7 in all the footage? They covered his nudity on screen with an eggplant (nasu). 2 reasons you must watch it!!
His nickname is suppose to mean eggplant, thats why they used an eggplant to cover his nudity, its another joke.
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