Sunday, April 30, 2006

Japanese Match Game With Extra Surprise

This is a game show. With one supremely awesome host. And an unexpected guest. On TV. In Japan.

Explain this please!
The guy who comes and sits beside the host is just some random guy from the audience. This show was live on air, so it was a big surprise....
Does the big surprise come after 01:09? So far, it's a surprise for us, too.
Geez! I'm sorry. Maybe the surprise wasn't that great. Yes, a guy comes ou t from behind and the host goes all crazy uncomfortable for a while.

If anyone has info on this clip, I'd love to be able to shed some more light on it.
This commentary style is annoying. On the blog. In this webpage.

Seriously, this is a great site, and a fantastic resource for weird shit from Japanese television, but the commentary style of saying "This is x. On TV. In Japan." gets kind of annoying after the first 70 or so times you see it (coming in via RSS). Now I'm not trying to be a hater. This is really meant to be constructive criticism, so don't get all pissed off about it like just about every other blogger on the internet who gets criticized. I understand that this is free content yadda yadda you do it as a hobby blah blah blah you can take your footage and go home anytime you want. But I really think you can 'take it to the next level' as it were if you lose the patronizing tone in the write-up. Maybe just do it even every other post, or every three.

Other than that, keep up the excellent work!
this is from "waratte ii to omou"...this show is on every day live at noon. this is the host: tamori, doing his daily interview called "telephone shocking" (it's a take on the popular phrase "telephone shopping"). he has been doing this show for more than 20 years, and I heard he never took a vacation. anyway, the weird otaku is a invader. notice how calm he is. you can see this is an old clip, maybe from the 1980s. tamori has a messed-up eye, so he wears sunglasses inside. tv in japan is THE site. anonymous haters can phuck themselves. keep the hope alive.
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