Friday, June 30, 2006

Best of the Week - June 30th Edition - PLUS THE NEW TV IN JAPAN!

This was a nice week. On TV. In Japan.

Enjoy some of the cathode fruits of my digital labor.

Japanese Girls Practice Caligraphy. On Each Other.
Pythagoras Switch is Seasame Street on Physics Crack. The greatest kids show ever.
Two heads play catch.
Awesomely Terrible Kill Bill Parody.
The Chimpan News Channel - News For Animals, By Animals. Pure Monkey Awesomeness.
From the Guys Who Did the "No Laugh or You Get Beat" Show Comes More Funny Punishment.
24 Hours In One Place With Nowhere To Run From Demons = Hilarity.
Cream Pie Torture. For a long, long time.

Hope you can spend some quality time checking these out. Seriously. This is your holiday weekend.

Oh, and make sure you come to the new TV in Japan!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Move Awesome Links for You - The New TV in Japan

Yes, these are just links.

But follow those links to the new world of TV in Japan.

Where clips run free like wine. Come be a wino.

Come see these dazzling gems!

Remember those don't get beat videos? Well, here's a lot more. And they're awesome.
The Star Wars Version is here.
Oh, and these guys get beat for anything. And they can never leave the gymnasium. For 24 hours.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Monkeys Who Run TV Shows at the New TV in Japan

Can you really afford not to go check it out? I mean, seriously.

You've got the Chimpan Channel, Japan's newest way to get news for animals, by animals.
Plus, some real life Gachapin amazingness.
And, a really crazy Batman parody from the late 80s.

It's all good. Now, in light blue!

At least I think it's light blue. I'm colorblind.

Two New Posts on

Come to the new world. Come to the new TV in Japan.

Come for the Cocorico Kill Bill Parody.
Come for the Real Life Cops Getting Scared.

Come for nachos. Virtual nachos.

Two Heads Play Catch

Go to the original post now live at!

Or enjoy this slightly less exciting copy of that post.

This is how you exercise. When you've got no body. On TV. In Japan.

Monday, June 26, 2006

More Batsu Games with DownTown

This is a double post. The original is here. Go meet the new TV in Japan.

This is why you must learn to control your emotions. Yet again. Lest you get beat for laughing. On TV. In Japan. is live!

Okay everyone, I'm officially declaring open for business.

I'm going to keep double posting here for a while just to make sure that everyone knows what's happening (and I'm not convinced that the Yahoo servers are doing exactly what I need).

Why am I moving you might ask? And what am I (that's you) going to get out of the deal?

Well, mostly I'm moving because I was sick of not having any sort of category system for people to dip into my archives. After all, I've posted over 350 different videos on this site and most of them get buried real deep real fast just because I like to post so much.

Blogger's been great (especially for a noob like me) but new digs are needed.

Many of you may never have seen some of my best stuff so I hope you can dip deeper into the amazing amount of Japanese TV now available at your fingertips.

Check out the categories (down below, on the right sidebar) on the new site and you'll be able to see all of the posts nicely sorted. Once in a certain category, click on the post to take you to the video.

As of right now, I can't figure out how to have the categories open up to just have the embedded videos. Hopefully some WP genius out there can help me with that.

As far as design goes, I've used the 3k2 template with some help from the Swachuk theme. Oh and big props again to Luis Hurtado for the logo. Cafe Press store (and shirts) to come if you're interested.

Oh, one small, kinda crappy thing. Actually two crappy things.

1. I imported most of the blogger posts/comments about three weeks ago. And since then I've been double posting here. Unfortunately, that means there's no comments on the new site for the past three weeks. Kinda crappy.

2. See how there's 170 Uncategorized posts on the site? That's because I've only been able to go back about 200 posts so far to add categories and the YouTube/Google Video code which mysteriously doesn't come over with the import tool. I'll be updating these over the next month or so and should at some point have an entire library of these clips.

Well, that's about it. Hope you enjoy the new site and that you keep reading/watching TV in Japan.

Orangutan Lights Head On Fire With Lighter

This is an educated monkey. Who, given a human tool, suddenly shows how much education he still needs to get up to speed. On TV. In Japan.

Homemade Gundam Toy Animation Matches Anime Credits Perfectly

This is amazing.

This is for any person who ever fooled around with stop motion as a youngster. Your memories of pushing stop and start on that stupid, giagantic VHS camcorder will come flooding back to you.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then go look at the boob dudes.

WARNING: Extreme amateur video here. Also, only partly on TV in Japan. Half in some dudes bedroom.

The Geniuses at Soramimi Hour Interpret Sean Paul

These are the lyrics to a Sean Paul song. That somehow translates to shoot me in the eye with shampoo. On TV. In Japan.

Weathercaster Feels the Effects of the Weather - In Studio and for Excitement Factor

This is how you do a weathercast. Where the weather isn't really all that important. It's more about fabric. When it gets rained on. On TV. In Japan.

WARNING: This video contains a wet t-shirt.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Dude in Skull Suit Beats off Five Dudes in Boob Suits

These are five men. Dressed in boob suits. That is, suits which give them boobs. One of which gives the wearer six. On TV. In Japan.

Best Nerd Punching Commercial Ever

This is a Japanese internet nerd. That is not that different from an American nerd. Who lives with his parents. And on the internet. And may, under certain circumstances, deserve to be punched. On TV. In Japan.

The Return of the Afterschool Magnetic Club!

This is how you wear unitards. And carry giant magnets. And rock. On TV. In Japan.

Thanks Josh!

Sumos + Cute Girl in Kill Bill Clothes Hock Snacks

This is how you sell Pretz. With extreme repetition. And sumos. On TV. In Japan.

Japanese Girls In Bikini Practice Caligraphy - On Each Other

Hey new visitors to TV in Japan!

Did you know there's a new address/home for TV in Japan?

Seriously, we've now got our own space. It's awesome!

You should go directly to this post there if you want.

Or keep reading the following. But there, we have categories. Good categories.

This is how you push the envelope. With ink, brushes and bikinis. On TV. In Japan.

WARNING: Strongly suggestive without resorting to nudity.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Konami Videos: Salaryman Tests Classic Famicom Games

I'm not really sure what's happening in the following videos but as a gamer I find it inherently compelling.

It's some sort of competition and it looks like the Salaryman has to pass all of these games until he gets let out of the room. But that's just a guess.

If anyone can help me understand, I'd love them forever.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Fat Man on Motorcycle - The New Superhero Hotness

This is a modern day superman. With kickass dirt bike. Plus, a superfro. And a hanging gut. On TV. In Japan.

TV in Japan: Best of the Week - June 23rd

Yes, it's that time again.

This week we've got awesome Japan amazingness. As always.

Monkey Talk Show Host Goes Banannas
The Chinese Girls That Split The TV In Japan Audience.
The Best Outhouse Gag of all Time
Puppet Dragon Fondles Boobs - But It's All Cool.
Naked Dominos. Or Mah Jong. Whatever.
Johnny Depp Gets Interviewed By Female Willy Wonka

Send this post around the internet with fury!


Mr. TV in Japan

Hard Gay's Weakness - Nipple Tweaks!

This is how you overpower the always uber-powerful Hard Gay. With extreme nipple torture. On TV. In Japan.

Cute Girls Spelling Out Words With Hips + Air Vent + Miniskirts = Extreme Weirdness

This is how you teach the alphabet. With rotating hips. And an upskirt cam. On TV. In Japan.

Johnny Depp Gets Interviewed By Japanese Female Willy Wonka

While the funny happens near the very end of this clip, what's interesting to me is how Depp does such a great job of listening to the Japanese questions like he understands them.

This always happens to me when I'm interviewing people from other cultures, whether they're Japanese or not. It's amazing how good you can get at just smiling and nodding and encouraging people to keep talking.

A Day in the Life of a Genius Monkey - Japanese Style

This is a brilliant simian. Who enjoys trips to the beach, whale hunting and long walks in the park. And has a wicked sense of fashion. On TV. In Japan.

Japan's Got Talent - The Gong Show + Physical Pain

Gorillamask visitors and others! First, thanks for visiting.

Then, come check out this clip at it's new home.

Or just look at it here. But eventually you should make your way to

This is a talent showcase. Where the talent really has no talent. And the judges have Doc Brown wigs. Oh, and there's a trap door. On TV. In Japan.

Thanks again to Josh McC!

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